Than to quickly raise the potency in men

In an effort to raise the potency at home the natural way – that is, without the use of stimulating drugs, medications, surgical intervention, a man gets rid of a number of fears and concerns. What are these fears?

reduced potency

Man himself is responsible for several "inconvenient" questions:

  1. How to increase the potency at home without exposing other systems of the body (primarily the cardiovascular and endocrine)? After a quick decision with the help of the famous Viagra and its analogues overloads the heart, blood vessels and requires a man of good health. This is especially true after 50 years after 60 years later.
  2. How to raise the potency, without encroaching on the fine-tuning of the hormonal status, any interference with which are fraught with deterioration of other body systems? After all, any hormonal stimulant may how to increase the potency and break more or less working organic "mechanism".
  3. Finally, how to increase male potency natural ways, allowing the body to fully realize their own capabilities? For example, prematurely and uncontrollably started testosterone replacement therapy can Amateur approach, lead to a sharp decrease in production of testosterone, and constant dependence on drugs.

Therefore, in this article we will try to answer these questions as well as tell you how to improve erectile function at home with the help of sexual techniques and practices how to increase the potency and after 50 and after 60 years with the help of lifestyle changes and consider how to treat (and, more importantly, how to cure) of disorders of ejaculation, which is often associated of psychogenic potency disorders.

The difference between fast and stable with increased potency

Fast at home (for example, 1 day or even 1 hour), and even a natural way to improve potency is only one way – by eliminating psychogenic (psychological) cause praesent disorder (if there is this form of impotence). The factors having a purely psychological nature can be represented, for example:

  • uncomfortable conditions for sexual intercourse (noise outside the window, not lockable door, visit relatives, uncomfortable creaking sofa,etc.)
  • distracting behavior or appearance of the partner,
  • manifestation of the crisis of relations (local or global characters).

The termination of the quarrel, change of sex, change of smell of perfume or the style of underwear of your partner will allow you to quickly raise the potency of the man, prodit significant importance to the surroundings and circumstances surrounding sexual contact.

In addition, to return the potency (if we are talking about how to restore potency quickly) in some cases, you can just sleep and returning to the usual mode of life with the standard change of day and night. This simple method will have a much more powerful effect than it sometimes seems. The nervous system and the erection in men are closely linked.

Finally, the potency of the home quickly you can improve, and even if serious health problems not temporarily but what is popularly called "the state of non aptus".

When total fatigue is still not accumulated, but between "sex" and "just lie down" I want to choose the latter. Such temporary General unwillingness from time to time occurs in every man, so that the Taoists even give it a separate term "wisdom of the penis", having in mind that in such moments, the body itself tells the man what to do correctly.

the potency is reduced

However, what if the circumstances still require men to conform to imposuit him hopes? It will help the correct choice of poses and advanced massage.

To provide for raising of potency before intercourse it is advisable to massage the sexual organs and lower back (buttocks) in the area of the sacrum. In this case, if the massage of penis and scrotum, the man can do one, you can do effective massage moves from the back one is more complicated. Therefore, the massage (including the genitals) is it desirable to involve the partner. The fact of participation of the sexual partner in training is already working to eliminate erektilnoy dysfunction and restores male power by enhancing natural biological mechanism.

Sometimes in these cases resort to nulla massage – effects on biologically active points, the existence of which defends the whole direction of Chinese traditional medicine. If you follow the recommendation of Chinese healers, these points may be found:

  • on hands – if you turn one hand palm down, thumb and fingers of the second hand on the projecting bone at the wrist, little – one-half to one centimeter shifting the fingers to the side of the elbow,
  • on the foot – symmetrically on both legs exactly in the middle of the inner part of the foot over the instep, which in people with flat feet low or almost absent,
  • on the back – on both sides of the spine, where it is considered that there are many biologically active points, with particularly large numbers in the lumbar region.

With the help of massage can provide recovery of potency in the home and through daily routines. This is one of the most enjoyable natural ways to increase the potency of men at home, if we are talking about the outer massage. Equally useful for male potency prostate massage that is shown to man in different ages, but after 60 years it needs most men. However, this is purely a medical procedure, which can also be done at home, but as prior to intercourse it is not widely distributed.

In relation to postures that increases the potency in men during sexual intercourse, andrologists and sexologists suggest the man to take a vertical position or to take a position "on top", which provides a natural increasing blood flow, and enhance male potency in sexual intercourse. In addition, it will allow a man to more easily control the process and, if necessary, to delay quick ejaculation.

In all the above cases, you can relatively quickly restore potency at home, without the need for additional funds. But how can you increase the potency by natural means, if its cause lies in deep-seated psychological complexes and long-standing grievances, which can be solved only by the psychotherapist or the sexologist, or organic factors, which are based on:

  • low sensitivity of the genitals, which may be associated with disorders of nerve impulses due to spinal trauma or pinched nerve, stretching from the sacrum and innervating the organs of the urogenital system, etc.
  • bad blood filling the cavernous bodies of the penis because of atherosclerosis, damage of small vessels or violation of the mechanism of the termination of the outflow of venous blood,
  • the decrease in the level of testosterone, caused by age-related culmen (often coming after 50 years, rarely after 60 years), or endocrine diseases?

Only cure the underlying disease, correcting pathology or going, as in the case of termination of the hormone on replacement therapy, it is possible to speak about restoration of potency.

The effect of various amplifiers, promising "just an hour" persistent strengthening, improvement and prolonged increase in potency at home in the presence of atherosclerosis or diabetes (which half of them sick people at home to conduct special tests are not even aware), will be ineffective. For the treatment of potency in the home, if the dysfunction caused by systemic diseases will need (depending on the severity of the disease), neither the hour nor the day, and much more days, weeks, or even months. Organic disorders are often treated for years, because for the full repairing of the genitourinary system to get rid of all of the factors that influence its functionality.

how to preserve potency

Ancient methods and practices of maintaining sexual health

How to restore your virility, the natural ways of our ancestors began to think thousands of years ago. Already mentioned in the article, the Taoists developed a whole "science of love", which will allow a man at any age to increase its capabilities and help keep the potency at 60 years or later. The basis of this science lies the practice of delayed ejaculation. That is, it is assumed that the man achieved orgasm simultaneously with ejaculation, and independently, making possible multiple orgasms without ejaculation during sexual intercourse, which may last an hour or two depending on the desires of men and the needs of women.

Moreover, the Taoist tradition suggests a gradual decrease with age in the number of ejaculations' if they are not associated with the function of procreation, since any sexual act with ejaculation takes men a lot of strength and energy, and restore them more difficult. For example, after 50 years ejaculation are encouraged to complete approximately one in every 20 of the act, and after 60 years it is recommended to have sex and to orgasm without ejaculation.

To achieve the desired effect apply various techniques that increase the potency, increases the control over the ejaculation, increasing the time before ejaculation, among which are the following:

  1. Breathing exercises. The first way to stop an approaching ejaculation deep breath and for a few seconds to hold the air. Some men, the practice of frequent shallow breathing for energy dissipation, some deep slow breathing to control the energy. Here everyone chooses for themselves their proven methods, which are better than others.
  2. Pulling the testicles down for a few seconds before ejaculation.
  3. Per obsessio de seed the channel with your fingers by pressing on it in the testes (between the anal sphincter and the scrotum).
  4. Temporary suspension of rhythmical movements.
  5. Concentration.
  6. The withdrawal of sexual energy by the reduction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles or other ways.

Weak potency is not a problem for a Taoist guru because they believe that to start sexual intercourse it is possible and without achieving full erection. Taoists do not consider age praesent disorder as a problem, considering that after 60 years, and later it is possible to maintain sexual activity.

food for potency

Lifestyle and nutrition as the basis of natural preserve potency

The basis for the most part acquired problems with potency is the way of life and nutrition. Inactivity and overeating provoke not only the direct praesent disorder, but the occurrence of diseases, the development of which then indirectly affect the reduced potency. In the long term to strengthen the potency at home, the recipe is simple:

  • the increase in time spent at the table, and active movement
  • the rejection of overeating and monotonous food in favor of consumption varied menu and products that raise the level of necessary man trace elements (primarily zinc and iodine), vitamins, acids,
  • workout of the pubic-coccygeal muscles (the so-called LUX-muscle),
  • contrast shower in the morning to improve the response of the nervous system
  • General massage, and prostate massage, prostate gland, sexual organs, lumbar, biologically active points,
  • the medical examination is to detect diabetes, pathological processes in the vessels, the level of testosterone (the latter for more or less reliable results, you need to carry out repeatedly and over time).

Natural remedies for fast male enhancement

Unfortunately, the potency depends on the General condition of the body and therefore increase the potency of natural means is not a short term procedure. But nature gave to men substances that are capable of quite a short period of time to provide men a stimulating effect. These substances are called aphrodisiacs. Has both male female aphrodisiacs. The male aphrodisiac is the best way to increase potency and libido.

To increase and enhance potency should drink the following decoction:

  • 100 g lemongrass pour 1 liter of boiling water, infuse for 3 hours, drink 3 times a day for 2 weeks, increase erection occurs after 5 days;
  • 150 grams of hawthorn, pour 1.5 liters of water, boil on a steam bath for 10 minutes, drink 5 times daily, improves erections in 2 days;
  • 100 g herb Catuaba (is a true herbal aphrodisiac), pour 300 ml of water, infuse 5 hours, take 40 minutes before sexual intercourse;
  • 100 g of yohimbe (the plant is known among healers herbal Viagra), pour 150 ml of water, boil for 3 min, increasing erection will occur within 30 minutes after administration;
  • 200 g of dried Dubrovnik pour 1 liter of water, boil 10 minutes, insisting 1.5-2 hours, take a day for 3-4 times;
  • 100 g of dried cilantro, parsley pour boiling water, to insist 2-3 hours, to take 100 ml a day;
products for potency

Products to quickly increase potency

Garlic, onion, celery, parsley, dill, oysters, mussels, ginger, dates, honey, ginseng, horseradish, eggs are natural aphrodisiacs and to promote increased sexual activity and desires.

Very effective and fast effective natural remedy to enhance sexual performance can be called a mixture of nuts with honey. The recipe is simple: grind the walnuts (can be mixed with other types of nuts) as small as possible and fill with honey. Take 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Better to go to the hospital and undergo a full examination. Such symptoms as decrease in erection and potency can be a symptom of quite serious diseases, one of which is prostate cancer.