Food to increase potency in men

Many men buy a variety of drugs that stimulate sexual functions, however, there are products that increase potency in men. Adherence and diet solve many health problems, including increases male potency.

products for potency

In this case, you should write a daily routine and to find a suitable diet, which stimulates the increase of male power. That it is possible to increase male potency through dieting and well-chosen products, known since ancient times. In Asia right foods and strict diet and joined a cult. There was first prepared a list of what foods increase the potency, and when and in what quantity they should have. To maximize the effects of diet and food is recommended to give up bad habits: alcohol and drugs, Smoking, because they significantly weaken the erectile dysfunction male.

Another point that is recommended to improve the strength of a man is regular sexual intercourse (every 3 days). Taken together, all these factors increase the potency. Following will be considered food, increases the potency.


Nuts are one of the most common natural foods that increase virility. Contained in these oils, vitamins and other nutrients combined effect on the human body, supplying all the necessary essential elements. They contribute to the restoration and establishment of hormonal levels and production of testosterone, which strengthens and improves the male capacities.

However, the main surculus is the proper selection of nuts and method of consumption (cooking) - because of their many nutty and wrong food for potency harmful.

Most nuts are beneficial to potency in men, and should be regularly consumed (a diet) and try to alternate different types of nuts. What nuts are recommended for consumption: walnuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts and coconuts. Not recommended the use of peanuts.

Next, we consider the chemical composition of nuts and their oils, which affect the potency of men. These foods are high in protein, fatty acids, which increases the emission of hormones (including the male hormone testosterone). So the nuts contain the amino acid arginine, which improves the condition of blood vessels and blood flow of the extremities, including the sexual organ, which leads to the improvement of erection and quality indicators of sexual intercourse. This amino acid enhances spermatogenesis, increasing as the amount contained in the semen of spermatozoa and enhances their mobility.

The nuts have antioxidants, contains zinc and some selenium - these minerals that enhance and support sexual potency, often used in official and folk medicine in the treatment of infertility in male. Therefore, regular consumption of nuts which are useful to improve the potency, will significantly improve the quality of sexual intercourse.

fruits for potency

Fruit supplements

Fruit is almost always included in the composition of the different diets on recovery of different body functions. Here we will look at which fruits should be regularly included in the diet to enhance male power.

Most fruit is composed of a large number of vitamins and other elements necessary for the normalization and strengthening of male power. In Chinese, Vietnamese and other Eastern medicines, there are fruit diets that increase the potency of men. Different fruits have different combination of vitamins and other elements necessary for rapid recovery of sexual function men. Stand out products are potent, with a high content of folic acid, ascorbic acid, tocopherol and other elements that contribute to the production of testosterone. These include:

  • all citrus (orange, Mandarin, lemon);
  • grenades;
  • kiwi;
  • apples;
  • apricot;
  • melon;
  • pineapple;
  • peach;
  • pear;
  • persimmon;
  • grapes.

The fruit is useful not only contained in their vitamins, but also improve metabolism and testosterone production, which ultimately improves the potency.

The teas and their benefits

Tea is the most common and the most commonly consumed drink in the world. It allows not only to quench their thirst and enjoy the taste, but also stimulate the production of hormones to increase potency in men. However, not all teas contribute to this.

The most common tea its stimulating effect, is green tea. It contains in its composition of zinc in large quantities, which improves the synthesis of hormones, its consumption is the best prevention of prostatitis, it improves the muscle tone of the body (including the penis). The main demand for green tea is to drink only freshly brewed tea. Drink should be warm or hot, preferably after meals. It is the high temperature facilitates the absorption of active substances and items tea.

The red teas lead to the strengthening of the body and increases male power. This is due to the content of ascorbic acid, proteins, amino acids that regulate and stimulate sexual function (not only men). It should be served hot or warm.

Enhance men's health and popular tea, brewed with raspberry leaves, cranberries, cranberry, mint or pine needles.

This tea is recommended to add viburnum berries, raspberries, mountain ash, wild rose it.d. The most palatable and balanced tea is the based on mint, chamomile, Linden and with the addition of raspberries. Should always be hot.

ginger for potency

Use of ginger

Ginger is a widespread spice that trying to add in various dishes: soup, salad, meat dishes and teas. Ginger is very good for the body as a positive influence not only on the men's functions, and strengthens the immune system and stimulates the digestive processes. Products increases the potency and flavored with ginger significantly increases the production of hormones.

Ginger contains large amounts of zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other elements including vitamins A, b and C. for the First time the healing properties of ginger have long been recognised, and stimulates production of the male hormone was seen by Confucius and for the first time in China, ginger has been used to improve sexual functions. So in China, the name ginger means masculinity, and to enhance the properties it is added to the nutmeg nut or butter.

To increase potency ginger should be used as a seasoning and as an additive in teas. You can eat ginger root in any form or drinking ginger oil.

Dish of vegetables

Products to increase potency include in your list and vegetables. There are a number of products that improve male health.

Cabbage. To her is attributed cauliflower, Beijing, broccoli and regular cabbage. It contains a large number of askorbinka, it prevent the emergence of prostatitis and prostate adenoma, improves circulation (including genitals), promotes rapid regeneration of cells, is composed of folic, ascorbic acid, contains large amounts of zinc, iron and promotes excretion of organisms and toxins.

Eating celery increases the production of testosterone.

In avocados there are a large number of proteins that significantly increase anxiety.

Tomatoes help to improve blood circulation in the small pelvis, including the sexual organs.

The zucchini contains a large number dapibus fatty acids, which stimulate sexual functions in man.

One of the best vegetables that increase men function, is carrots. It is rich in various vitamins. Meals with fresh carrots is useful for improving the testis, prevention of diseases of the prostate and testes, as in carrots have lots of vitamin A.

The benefits of honey

Listing products to increase potency, not to mention the honey. It contains large amounts of vitamins, elements and active substances are amino acids and natural hormones which stimulate sexual function in men and women.

So to improve sexual function and General good health is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2 tablespoons of honey a day. To enhance the impact on sexual function, the honey must be mixed with any types of nuts (which increases not only the tone but also improves the taste), you can add prunes, dried apricots, figs and other fruits.

honey for potency

A very useful mixture is ground in a meat grinder lemon, dried apricots, walnuts, hazelnuts and honey.

Honey and products based on it are beneficial to men's health, improve blood circulation, improve immunity. The presence of glucose and fructose in honey is easily digestible and gives energy to man, is a stimulant. Almost all substances contained in honey is easily absorbed by the body, which has a positive to increase potency.

Useful properties of green

Of all the common condiments that stimulate male function, is parsley. It is not only fragrant and delicious, but also useful. It contains ascorbic acid, vitamin a, C, E and other useful elements and compounds. Its therapeutic properties have long been known, so in different folk medicines are quite frequently used not only the parsley leaves but also stems, and roots. Recommended to consume parsley with a total depressed state, fatigue and difficulties with sexual functions.

Parsley is recommended to be consumed both in raw form and as an additive in different meals and diets, it is possible to prepare teas, infusions, decoctions on the basis of parsley. It cleanses the body by eliminating toxins, increases metabolism and blood circulation. Use parsley great effect on overall health and immunity. She is one of the best natural products that are composed of antioxidants and nutrients that prevent the emergence and development of prostatitis and BPH.

The composition of sour cream

To improve the potency, many people recommend to eat dairy and dairy products. One of the most useful products is sour cream. It is quite nutritious, it has a large amount of protein, fat, proteins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamins of groups A, b, C, and E. It is able to normalize hormones and has a positive effect on sexual function.

sour cream

However, it is not necessary to use sour cream in large quantities, because all the fat in cream are easily absorbed by the body, which can lead to obesity and does not contribute to increase of male power.

The cream has proteins that contribute to the production of testosterone, the minerals contained in the cream improve the spermatogenesis, enhancing the quality of seminal fluid and sperm activity.

Cream can not only add to salads and soups, to do on the basis of its cocktails, which you can add honey, parsley, nuts or fruit.

The optimal serving is 2-3 tbsp of sour cream a day. This is more than enough to enhance potency. It can be added to desserts and salads to improve the taste of food.