How to increase potency: 8 ways

Potency problems can appear even at a young age. No one is immune from them, given the frantic pace of life and the enormous stress on the central nervous system. But how to increase potency in men in such conditions?

There are many ways - active training, hardening, taking vitamin and mineral complexes, increasing testosterone. But now there is only one way, which gives results in 200% of cases within 30 minutes - the use of potency stimulants.

How to increase potency in men in just 30 minutes?

One tablet of the drug PDE-5 inhibitor can make the penis stone for 36 hours. Rather, you don't have to suffer from a painful erection - the penis fills with blood only with sexual arousal.

Just imagine, it is possible to raise potency even in the most advanced cases with the help of one pill. The drug helps with psychological and physical disorders, namely, with the following pathologies:

  1. Physical and mental exhaustion of the body.
  2. Diabetes mellitus with impaired blood vascular nutrition.
  3. Injuries to the pelvic organs.
  4. Chronic prostatitis.
  5. Hypogonadism (drop in testosterone production).
  6. Deep depression.
  7. Violation of blood flow in the lower extremities and groin.

You can also increase potency with the help of other time-tested drugs that have been used by the stronger sex for more than 20 years and always give results.

Such funds last up to 5-6 hours, this is indicated in the instructions. In practice, the duration of action is maintained for 12 hours or more, and most importantly, addiction to the active substance is not developed.

Fact: PDE-5 inhibitors work great even when combined with alcoholic beverages or fatty foods. Therefore, you can take a pill before a romantic date in a restaurant, drink wine easily and be on full alert.

Quitting bad habits will help improve potency

If you are saving yourself from stress and depression with the help of alcohol and cigarettes, problems with potency cannot be avoided. It has been scientifically proven that alcoholic beverages enslave blood vessels, increase blood density, reduce testosterone production, and lead to the accumulation of poison in tissues.

Due to a blow to the liver, it does not remove all the poison from the body. Scientifically speaking, acetaldehyde is formed, due to which tissues are poisoned, blood supply is disrupted and hypoxia appears.

But alcohol also negatively affects general well-being. The first bottle of beer leads to a rise in mood and vigor, while the rest provoke depression and weakness. This negatively affects the production of hormones of pleasure and happiness.

There is a decrease in self-esteem and libido, neurosis develops (in bed with a girl, nervousness may increase due to self-doubt).

An increase in potency in men when using drugs is observed even with alcoholism, but it is very desirable to give up the bad habit. The sooner you forget about alcohol, the faster testosterone production will recover, your confidence and desire to have passionate sex will increase.

Smoking also negatively affects erection, and it can lead to impotence and even gangrene. Cigarettes contain more than 300 types of poison, which seeps into the organs, accumulates in the blood, makes breathing difficult and leads to the enslavement of blood vessels.

Therefore, all sexologists warn that you should not smoke for 30-40 minutes before sex, since one cigarette can reduce the quality of an erection by at least 20-30%. After refusal, there is an increase in male potency. The head brightens, the muscles are filled with blood better, breathing is easier, and the desire to have sex increases.

Penis massage

You can increase potency with simple actions. There are mentions that the Indians specially squeezed and warmed up the genitals for better blood supply to the cavernous tissues.

You need to squeeze the penis at the base and along the entire length. Rubbing and using warming oils are allowed. An increase in potency is also achieved when using decoctions of medicinal herbs - wormwood or nettle. You can take them orally or moisten the penis.

Fact: no one forbids the use of stimulants during the course of treatment. Quite the opposite - taking PDE-5 inhibitors will help lead a healthy sex life during the main course of therapy.

Increased physical activity

Barbell squats to increase potency

It is foolish to sit in the office at the computer every day and hope that potency will recover by itself. To improve potency in men, you need to constantly be in motion. When you sit, especially cross-legged, blood flow to the pelvic area is disrupted. Blood stagnation occurs, which causes prostatitis.

What increase in potency in men can we talk about if energy metabolism is disturbed against the background of a passive lifestyle? Proven stimulants for years will help even in this situation. One tablet of PDE-5 inhibitor drug every other day will make your penis iron from just one thought about sex or from touching a girl.

But the training has not been canceled. Sign up for a nearby fitness club and get started. It is in the nearest one, so that you are not lazy after work due to the fact that you need to go to the other end of the city and again pull the pieces of iron.

When a man rhythmically lifts weights and follows the exercise technique 100%, blood circulation increases, muscles warm up at the deepest levels, and the production of the main male hormone, testosterone, is stimulated. It is testosterone that gives us courage, aggression, strength, intelligence and powerful potency. But how to increase the potency of a man during training? The emphasis should be on basic exercises:

  1. Deadlift.
  2. Bench press lying.
  3. Row of the bar to the belt.
  4. Squats with a barbell (including a barbell on the chest).
  5. Pull-ups and dips on the uneven bars with additional weights.

You do not need to immediately climb to maximum weights - this will only exacerbate the situation due to the overload of the central nervous system. Do it calmly and measuredly, take your time. You will always have time to increase working weights and build up.

At the same time, self-esteem will rise, you will begin to enjoy the reflection in the mirror. You will only be happy to demonstrate your powerful body to your partner, which will definitely lead to increased erection and dizzying sex.

But how to improve male potency with injuries and limitations? For example, with protrusions or hernias, it is forbidden to engage in martial arts or weightlifting. In this case, swimming or walking will help you.

Go for 1 to 2 km swims a couple of times a week. During swimming, the entire muscle atlas is stimulated, and especially the pelvic organs (stagnation of blood and prostate secretions is eliminated).

An increase in potency is observed even when walking. Take a walk every day for at least 1-2 hours. No stress on your spine or knees - walking is a safe way to improve your health, raise the quality of erections and lose weight.

Don't linger in one position

Do you like to lie in front of the TV or sit in front of the computer for days on end? Forget it forever.

If you are working intensively and cannot change position, take breaks for 5 minutes. At this time, you can do gymnastics or just walk. The most important thing is not to linger in one position.

Fact: Sitting cross-legged is very harmful. The powerful potency will disappear if the arteries and blood vessels are clamped every day. Worse, testosterone production drops due to poor blood supply to the testicles (testicles). Against this background, there is a deterioration in the spermogram.

Reduce the number of ejaculations

Daily masturbation has an extremely negative effect on the quality of erections. Strengthening potency is possible, even if a man masturbates 5-7 times a day - stimulants are used for this.

They are able to solve any problem in just half an hour. But if you want to have iron potency without pills, reduce the number of ejaculations.

After masturbation, dopamine reserves are depleted, and the production of female sex hormones increases (especially prolactin). At the same time, general fatigue and weakness is observed.

Avoiding masturbation for at least 2-3 days leads to better blood flow, increased sexual desire. From one touch to the partner, the penis becomes hot and hard.

To enhance potency in men, you need to train the prostate and muscles that are localized in the reproductive system.

If you are unable to stay in bed for more than 5 minutes, then your muscles need training. To do this, you need to restrain yourself in bed for as long as possible, pause, but avoid ejaculation. Gradually you will get used to it, the muscles will get stronger, potency will increase and the duration of intercourse will increase.

The same effect can be achieved by using stimulants. They increase the blood supply to the tissues so much that the muscles become stony.

The duration of sex increases by 2 times, the pleasure received is also increased (due to the better filling with blood, the stimulation of the nerve endings increases). Therefore, if you want to have fantastic sex, train your genitals or use stimulants - they will help you reach new heights.

Normalize your diet

Proper nutrition has a beneficial effect on potency

Nowadays, people eat at random. In the morning a plate of borscht, at work pizza with coffee, in the evening again borscht or pasta with a cutlet. But with such a diet, it is not possible to gain the norm of nutrients.

In simple terms, our body needs fuel, and the larger we are, the more fuel we need. With a body weight of 80 kg, you need to consume at least 2200 kcal per day. If you only eat 1, 500 calories, you will experience a breakdown. Against the background of impotence, libido falls, stamina in bed, and the penis becomes sluggish.

An increase in male potency is unthinkable without a healthy diet. It's not about butter-free rice and steamed fish. You need to eat right - eat a sufficient amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats. Vigorous exercise with proper nutrition leads to a huge increase in testosterone in the blood, an increase in muscle mass and endurance.

Fact: Spicy food helps warm up the blood, increase testosterone, and raise the amount of adrenaline in the blood. Try adding chili peppers, ginger, or turmeric to your diet. Spices, although not the mainstay of treatment, are a good addition.

Avoid stress

Eternal hassle leads to mental depression. Because of overwork and quarrels in the family, men begin to drink and smoke. But what kind of potency improvement can we talk about when the level of testosterone in the blood is like that of a 70-year-old grandfather, and a woman does not seem to be a sexual object at all? First you need to deal with the clamps in your head and relieve stress, but without a bottle of vodka and a pack of cigarettes.

Make an appointment with a psychotherapist. It will help get rid of negativity, increase self-confidence, eliminate fears and complexes.

Spend more time in nature, engage in meditation. Just 30 minutes of meditation a day will help you keep fit and achieve energy balance.

If the condition is very serious, then take a vacation. Take a break from intense work. Go to the sea, sunbathe, swim, walk, taste exotic dishes, attend local shows and attractions. After a good rest, the head is freed from negativity, new goals appear, and libido increases.


Stimulants such as PDE-5 inhibitors solve the problem by 100% within half an hour after administration and never become addictive.

They will help you in any situation to bring the girl to dizzying orgasms and get real pleasure. But you need to take care of your health - exercise, eat well, do gymnastics, rest and avoid overload.

Improve your lifestyle and give up bad habits. So you will not only easily achieve an iron erection at any time of the day or night, but also strengthen your health and improve overall well-being.