Vitamins and Foods Required for Potency

Male potency is formed in the womb. The boy has not yet been born, and in the seventh week of his stay in the mother's womb, the sex glands are already forming - the testes. After another two weeks, the testes begin to produce the male sex hormone - testosterone. How courageous a man will look, how much he will be a good lover and a full-fledged father - it will all depend on testosterone.

Male sex hormones make a man more efficient, improve his mood, strengthen bones, muscles, and even stimulate wound healing and the production of red blood cells. But for normal male potency, certain vitamins and trace elements are also required. Which ones? And what foods contain the most important ingredients for maintaining sexual performance? We will list the main ones.

  • Vitamin B 1(peas, legumes, lentils, peanuts, yoghurt, pork, coarse flour products).
  • Vitamin B3(brewer's yeast, peanuts, beets, salmon, pork, tuna, swordfish).
  • Vitamin B 6(sunflower seeds, tuna, bananas, eggs, carrots, avocado, lentils, shrimps).
  • Folic acid(green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, cheese, tuna, salmon, lentils).
  • Vitamin C(citrus fruits, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables).
  • Vitamin E(nuts, seeds, spinach, vegetable oils).
  • Beta Carotene(a form of vitamin A) - yellow and red fruits and vegetables.
  • Zinc(oysters, legumes, peas, lentils, spinach, seeds, pumpkin, turkey).
  • Selenium(oysters, whole grains).

For normal and full potency, you need to eat a variety of foods, including the above vitamins and minerals. They will help increase your sexual performance.

Diet of love. Foods to improve potency

Since prehistoric times, people have noticed that certain foods increase potency, increase desire and generally have a very positive effect on men. In ancient Greece, they knew that certain herbal products increase potency.

This product is the familiar carrot. It contains beta-carotene. And from it, vitamin A, very important for the human body and potency, is formed. Products rich in vitamin E were widely used in the ancient world. These are vegetable oils, oilseeds, and nuts. Since ancient times, vitamin E has been used as a means to increase potency. This vitamin normalizes muscle activity, prevents the development of weakness and fatigue. It has a positive effect on the function of the endocrine system, in particular the gonads, pituitary gland, thyroid gland. In addition to nuts and vegetable oil, vitamin E is found in vegetables and legumes. It is also found in milk, butter, chicken eggs, mainly in egg yolk, in meat and fish. It is also contained in greenery. For example, lettuce, spinach contain a large amount of vitamin C, which stimulates potency. Lack of vitamin leads to a deterioration in health, increased fatigue, increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The main source of vitamin C is fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries. Rosehip, black currant, red pepper, lemons, oranges, cabbage, both fresh and sauerkraut, are especially rich in them. Vitamins of group B (B1, B6) are also important for potency. Vitamin B1 is a stimulant of nervous and muscle activity, which is very important for normal potency. Vitamin B1 is found in beans, meat, nuts, brewer's yeast. And vitamin B6 is found in foods such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, cheese, green peppers, peas, beans, and potatoes.

Sigmund Freud once said that we humans are descendants of an endlessly long line of murderers. Unfortunately, there is a significant grain of truth in these words. Take at least the animals that we eat in order to get the various amino acids we need, trace elements (zinc, arsenic and others), which increase sexual potency and are necessary for the formation of sperm. Of course, people who are deliberately vegetarian can get essential amino acids and trace minerals from other plant foods. By the way, excessive consumption of animal fat contributes to obesity, the development of atherosclerosis and loss of potency.

Animal products include milk. It contains a number of useful substances, such as proteins, vitamins, various minerals, which have a positive effect on potency. Avicena pointed out this in his writings. Milk was also widely used in Tibetan medicine. From time immemorial, nomads used kumis (fermented mare's milk). Suffice it to say that one of the first mentions of koumiss can be found in the famous historian Herodotus when describing the life of the Scythian nomads in the 5th century BC. Kumis was called a drink of cheerfulness, fun and longevity. In 1858, even a special kumis hospital was opened. Almost all of the nutrients in eggs, especially chicken ones, are balanced and well absorbed by the body. Eggs stimulate potency, because they contain a lot of complete animal protein, fatty acids, vitamins A, E, B6, microelements. The concern is that eggs contain cholesterol, but they are also high in lecithin, which prevents the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. Everything requires measure and caution. Including in the use of products that improve potency. The Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences recommends that healthy people eat no more than two eggs in three days. Eating raw eggs is not recommended. They are less digestible. Raw eggs can contain germs that have entered them from the surface of the shell.

As mentioned above, there are substances in meat that also stimulate potency. However, the meat should be fresh and not greasy. It cannot be abused due to the presence of cholesterol in it. After all, animal fats and cholesterol adversely affect potency. But meat and meat products contain iron compounds, which have a positive effect not only on male physical strength, but also on potency. The meat contains extractive substances that give it a flavor, stimulate the appetite, and also affect the potency of a person. The content of extractives in fried and stewed meat is higher than in boiled meat. So when organizing an erotic feast, this must be remembered. By the way, the famous writer K. Dossi said: "Love feeds not only on feelings, but also on steaks. "

The meat must be fresh and not aged. Moderation is needed in the use of meat, since extractive substances, which, by the way, are very abundant in meat broths, can become a factor contributing to the development of atherosclerosis. Therefore, nutritionists do not recommend the use of broths for patients with atherosclerosis, salt deposition, gout, polyarthritis and other diseases. But still, nature has created a person in such a way that after eating meat, his energy metabolism increases, the physiological functions of the body, including sexual activity, increase. By the way, the great writer, already in old age, moved away from meat and became a vegetarian. He believed that meat is eaten in order to cultivate atrocious feelings, to breed lust, fornication and drunkenness.

But besides meat, some plants can also increase potency very well. Many plants contain trace elements that are necessary for normal potency in men. Cocoa and chocolate have always been considered a good potency stimulator. And, by the way, mushrooms. But given the dire ecological situation, mushrooms must be treated very carefully. Among vegetables, onions, parsley, artichoke, capers, cabbage, beets, celery, carrots, parsnips, radishes, lettuce, asparagus, dill, and garlic increase potency well.

Quite often, the active substances of plants are used for the manufacture of various drugs that increase potency. For example, Indian pills that contain 14 components of various herbs. It includes St. John's wort, sage, and many others. A mixture of active substances is introduced into the composition of ointments that are applied to the penis to stimulate potency.

Increases potency and spices. Such as anise, basil, cloves, mustard, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, myrrh, nutmeg, thyme, saffron. From time immemorial, mankind has known ginseng as a means that stimulates potency. Now widely used tincture of ginseng, 20-25 drops 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Of the Far Eastern plants, Eleutherococcus, Zamanikha, Manchurian aralia, Chinese magnolia vine, and golden root are used to stimulate potency. It must be remembered that no matter how good the remedy is, it should not be used without a doctor's prescription. Any medicine has side effects. By the way, it is interesting that in China, ginseng is introduced into meat dishes made from lamb or duck in order to increase potency.

Be very careful with alcohol. In small quantities, it can stimulate potency, eliminate stiffness when communicating with a sexual partner, which, by the way, can cause alcoholism and impotence. So, a glass of champagne can stimulate you, and a large dose of alcohol may well kill your potency.

Interestingly, the loving King of France, Henry IV, drank a glass of cognac mixed with chicken yolk every day. The textbook of Tibetan medicine says: At the first degree of intoxication, a person settles into the area of ​​frivolous actions and, ignoring the customs and decency adopted by the world, feels happy. In the second degree of intoxication, he becomes like a mad elephant, commits obscene sins and breaks his religious vows. In the last degree of intoxication, he lies unconscious, like a corpse.

Sorting through the means that affect sexual activity, mankind is faced with drugs. By the way, alcohol is close to a drug. According to scientists, alcohol causes the formation in the brain of substances similar in structure to morphine. Of course, cocaine, marijuana and a number of other drugs have a stimulating effect on potency. But doctors warn about their harmful effects on the body. There is nothing worse than death from an overdose of various drugs and spiritual degradation of people.

Means that increase potency include coffee, tea, chocolate. As a means to increase potency, chocolate was known even in the days of Louis XIV in France. But here it should be noted that it is important that the chocolate is clean, without various fillers. The most important stimulating ingredient in chocolate is caffeine. Many scientists believe that people got acquainted with the stimulating properties of the coffee tree back in the Stone Age, it is believed that the birthplace of coffee is the South Ethiopian province of Kafa. Tradition says: many centuries ago, one Ethiopian shepherd noticed that goats that ate the beans of the coffee tree stay awake and frolic all night, and since then the history of the coffee drink begins. However, it should be borne in mind that it is harmful to overuse coffee. Everything is good in moderation. Tea is perhaps the most common of the tonic drinks. It quenches thirst well, tastes good, reduces fatigue, drowsiness, and increases efficiency. Tea contains a significant amount of caffeine, tannins and vitamin P. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, increases vascular tone. But strong tea is contraindicated for many people. Therefore, strong tea should not be overused.

Body weight is one of the most important indicators of human health. Excess weight has a bad effect not only on health, but also on a person's potency. Losing excess weight, you begin to feel that you are younger, more mobile. People who are overweight and want to lose weight should definitely consult with a dietitian and only then go on a diet. Diet is also medicine. Losing excess weight, you will surely feel how your health has improved and how your potency has increased.

In conclusion, I would like to note once again that people who want to stimulate their potency with nutrition should definitely consult a doctor. It must be remembered that many dietary supplements can have adverse side effects on the body. Therefore, any stimulants should be used in moderation and under medical supervision.