Herbs for male power

Now there is hardly a man who does not want to increase your own sexual potential. On every continent, in every country people have always sought out the herbs to enhance potency. Ancient doctors described in the writings of more than a thousand species of these plants. On the basis of their pharmacists have created a most modern drugs to improve the quality of sexual life. In this article you will be introduced to herbs and plants to increase potency. So, let's start.

herbs for potency


This herb for men (to increase potency) has been used for several millennia. Ginseng different tonic effect, stimulating and exciting sexual activity. It is used in capsules, tablets, tinctures, solutions and powders.

To produce the desired effect will not be sufficient a single dose. Need a multi-day course. But the young people for a better erection can take it and once, for 6-8 hours to reach.

By the way, ginseng also increases the time of intercourse. But do not take this plant with a hangover. It will cause heart palpitations.


This herb for men, to increase potency, also known as Golden root. And it's no coincidence. Because of its rhizomes and roots prepare a tincture with 40% alcohol. For many hundreds of years this plant is used in folk medicine of Altai as a means to enhance sexual desire.

In addition, Golden root enhances physical performance and reduces fatigue. Extract take three times daily 5-10 drops before meals. The course of treatment – 14 days.

Tree stake

This herb is for men to increase potency very well known in African countries. It is sold in form of tablets and powder. Tree stake – this is a very strong natural stimulant which is why doctors recommend its use only for older men with serious violations of potency.

This plant is taken an hour before intercourse. Uncontrolled use of threatening lengthy and even painful erection. Also medication from the wood stake can not be taken with heart problems and hypertension.


This herb for men to increase potency also known as boljshegruzy. It is from its root and do an alcohol extract, which has a stimulating effect. In ancient times this plant is used for improving erections, even in men of advanced age.

In addition, leuzea tones the entire body and relieves mental and physical stress. Extract take 20-30 drops three times a day.


Substances that stimulate the potency, is in his bark. Yohimbe even been described in several myths. Over time in European countries based on it appeared the cure – "Yohimbine".

Substances in plants not only stimulate vitality, but also increase the production of testosterone, positively affecting sexual power. Yohimbine is prohibited to use for people with heart failure.

methods of treatment with herbs


From this far Eastern herbs secrete a special substance – alkaloid securinine. It prescribed for impotence, when it arose as a result of neuropsychiatric disorders. Securinine has on the body a powerful tonic effect. Take the solution 3 times daily 20-30 drops. You can also use the drug in pill form.

Calamus root

People who know about the potency of folk remedies and methods have long used this medicinal plant. It is in large quantities contains tannins, camphor, ascorbic acid and gum. Calamus root is used very varied, but of primary importance is its ability to provide a restorative and tonic effect.

Men use it to enhance potency and stimulate the production of seminal fluid. For medicinal purposes drink tea out of calamus root or chew it like a piece of chewing gum. Exceeding the recommended dosage by the doctor may result in severe vomiting.


This herb is not similar to other plants to increase potency. We can say that parsley is unique, as it belongs to the category of aphrodisiacs. It includes all the essential nutrients for men's health: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential oils. It also has apigenin, a special component that reduces the concentration of estrogen in the body and has antioxidant properties. That is with regular use of parsley is testosterone levels will increase substantially. In addition, this herb enhances the blood circulation in the pelvis, which is good for erections.

As this plant is, in fact, a table vegetable, then it can be used almost everyone. The only diagnosis, in which parsley is contraindicated, is jade.

Hiems nasturcium

In the plant there are fat oil and ascorbic acid. This herb refers not only to drugs but also to food, and melliferous plants. Therefore, when a particular treatment it can be used in food.

The herb increases semen volume and helps to strengthen potency. Contraindications to its use there. But if a person has stones in the bladder (kidney) and there is increased bleeding, it should be used very carefully.


Doctors who are a well-known herb for men's health and male potency, often recommend their patients this plant. It is a very valuable medicine. Nettle contains tannins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, acids, vitamins, volatile production and a broad range of macro - and micronutrients. For the treatment used in virtually all parts of the plant: roots, seeds and leaves. From them prepare mixes, teas, decoctions, infusions, and simply add to your food. Made on the basis of nettle drugs increase potency, increase libido, normalize the genitourinary system,

When using this herb it is worth considering that it improves blood clotting. Therefore, people prone to blood clots, it is better not to use it. Additional contraindications atherosclerosis, kidney disease and hypertension.



The use of this plant has a rejuvenating, stimulating and tonic effect. Schizandra has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system and eliminates stress after-effects. Thanks to the lignans act as antioxidants and increase production of hormones activity. Lemongrass is extremely rich in biologically active substances.

This plant helps to solve men's problems. It improves the erection, eliminates premature ejaculation, stimulates sperm production and protects against the appearance of impotence. And dried Schizandra berries can be used as a powerful aphrodisiac. From them prepare infusions and tinctures.

Reception schisandra is contraindicated for people with impaired pressure, insomnia and heart problems. And, of course, do not forget about hypersensitive to plants.

St. John's wort

This plant can be recommend to all those who are interested in improving the potency of folk remedies. Treatment is usually costly and does not always help. St. John's wort also is cheap and effective in problems with potency. It is used in combination with other herbs, and separately.

Drug based on St. John's wort affect many aspects of sexual life. At the three week appointment normal potency, enhanced by imagination and desire, and there is a desire to have sex.

On the other hand, there's not much to get excited about products based on this herb. Frequent use can cause the opposite effect. Indeed, in the composition of Hypericum are toxic substances, the content of which can vary depending on location, time of collection and other factors. Also this drug is forbidden to take high blood pressure.

Useful herbs for male enhancement

Men always want to increase the potency and surprise the lady of his sexual abilities. And what to speak about, unfortunately, quite common situation when men's power decreases and to increase the necessary special tools? While it is not necessary to purchase space for the amount of money advertised medications. We will tell you what herbs increase potency in men.

Herbal treatment has gained popularity owing to several reasons:

  1. Efficiency — unlike many pharmaceutical drugs similar direction, plants have a long therapeutic effect and allow you to forget about the lack of power of erection. premature ejaculation or reduced sexual desire. The only condition is regular intake, avoiding harmful habits and balanced diet.
  2. Efficiency — this therapy available to anyone, because herbs are quite inexpensive.
  3. No side effects — we all know that the same medications can undesirable impact on health, while from medicinal herbs side effects are either absent or minimally expressed and depend, primarily, on non-compliance of rules of application.

Application rules

So what are the rules to follow in order to herb for improving potency in men was the most effective and had side effects?

  • The treatment of herbs is effective only after the precise cause of lowering of potency.
  • Deciding what kind of grass is better to use, don't listen to the advice of friends, and always consult on this matter with a specialist.
  • In some diseases, a positive effect of integrated treatment, in which therapy herbs should be combined with holding medical treatment and physical therapy.
  • A positive result from treatment with medicinal herbs is seen only after a long time use, so get ready for that one day of receiving the herbal infusion will not have a magical effect.
  • During the course of treatment, herbs not to drink alcohol need to stop Smoking and stick to a light diet diet.

The course of treatment with herbs should be prescribed by the doctor after examining the patient, accurate diagnosis of disorders, the study of the history of the disease. Specialist will choose the grass, the contraindications and their combination with the used medical supplies, will determine the duration of the course.

recipes if you have problems with potency

Foreign methods of healing

For the male forces of the French homeopaths offer to increase libido and to improve the potency using this recipe:

  • you need to take thyme crushed 4 pinches;
  • half the amount of mint;
  • one pinch of rosemary;
  • composition pour a glass of boiling water for about 20 minutes;
  • to drink before going to bed.

Hawthorn is considered to be a very useful product for the health of the stronger sex, because it not only helps boost libido and ensure quick erections, but also:

  • to maintain blood vessels and the heart;
  • to normalize blood pressure jump;
  • eliminate insomnia.

Many healers recommend the use of this plant in the complex of specialized herbal preparations intended to strengthen sexual desire, erectile function. To use this remedy in day to 1-2 capsules.

To prepare a therapeutic drink, from the collection of herbs, you need to take 1 tbsp of the special composition and pour a glass of boiling water. Need infuse for 30 minutes and drink throughout the day, dividing this amount by a few techniques.


  • Fifty grams of calamus root and fenugreek seeds and one hundred grams of yarrow herb for an infusion of three tablespoons collection, pour 500 ml boiling water and insist hour. Should take a glass three times a day.
  • The collection, consisting of St. John's wort, nettle, peppermint and clover — three times a day, you should drink a glass of broth infused with half an hour of harvesting.
  • To crushed aloe, add a tablespoon of parsley seeds and berries of wild rose. Collection pour red wine, infuse two weeks and three times a day to drink a tablespoon.
  • Mix twenty grams of dried leaves of raspberry, currant and strawberry, pour boiling water and about twenty minutes to keep in a water bath. Before eating drink a glass of the strained decoction.

Advantages of herbal medicine

To determine the feasibility of using herbs to increase potency is to evaluate all the advantages of home therapy.

  • Savings. since ready-made herbal teas in pharmacies, are inexpensive, making herbal medicine affordable to anyone.
  • Quick results of the treatment. as herbs guarantee a stable change in the human body, but with proper lifestyle.
  • No side effects. than can not boast of almost any medications for potency. Despite the fact that herbs have contraindications, if properly applied traditional methods, you can restore the normal functioning of all organs and systems.

For the quick return of functioning of the reproductive system important condition is compliance with the recommendations and prescriptions of folk medicine. To find the best ways of home treatment, it is possible to consult on such matters with a specialist.

fees for potency

Summary and conclusions

To restore sexual harmony should prefer safe assets that can provide stable and lasting results. Pay special attention to the prevention of diseases of the male genital area. To prevent the disorder of sexual life, you can use:

  • timely treatment of diseases;
  • eliminate psychological disorders;
  • the lifestyle changes;
  • balanced diet;
  • use of herbs to improve male power.

Herbs have a good preventive effect with prolonged use. We should not forget that if there is a suspicion of serious violations of functions of urinogenital system, they will not help. In this case, you should consult a doctor.