How to restore potency in men

Regardless of the reasons that arise in the sexual sphere failure, affects not only the potency, as a physiological function, but also the emotional health of men.

how to restore potency

Therefore, to solve the problem of how to restore potency in men, it is necessary in the early stages of the problem.

The pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of medicines to restore potency.

The disadvantage of these tools consists in a large number of contraindications and side effects.

More safe and easy to apply creams and gels for potency men. They are not in contact with the gastrointestinal tract, so do not fall into the blood.

But, and tablets, and local applications will not be able to fully restore the potency of men, because:

  • have a temporary effect;
  • do not eliminate the cause of erection failure;
  • in most cases, operate only on the physical components of the body men, not interfering in psychology and not increasing libido.

Also, it should be noted that many men prefer not to go to the doctor, because of low medical culture or the usual tightness in this delicate matter.

Consultation of doctor is required in order to find out the cause of the problem with potency. Perhaps it is a chronic disease, available to men, or unhealthy lifestyle or psychological factor.

Start with a visit to the doctor. In the absence of serious diseases to restore potency can home folk remedies, changes in diet and physical activity. If you need to go to a therapist.

If time does not take measures, it is possible impotence. View this video to learn about the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Tips to restore potency at home

Folk remedies not only help to restore the potency, but also to strengthen the opportunities a man has. That is, these methods can be used for prevention of impotence problems.

homemade recipes

Tools for internal use

Among the popular ways to restore potency at home, one of the priority areas is honey and other bee products. Honey is a natural product, a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

In combination with certain foods, it produces drugs for potency men, giving very good results.

  • Walnuts minced, pour liquid honey, at the rate of 1:2. Eat daily three tablespoons of medicine.
  • Sage leaves brewed as tea, add a tablespoon of honey. Drink morning and evening.
  • Two to three cloves of garlic crushed, mix with a tablespoon of honey. Take morning before Breakfast and evening before bedtime. This recipe will not only help restore the potency, but also to strengthen the immune system.
  • Ginger root grate and mix with honey in proportion 1:2. Use two times a day on a teaspoon.
  • Propolis (50gr.) dissolve in 200 gr. warm liquid honey, add 100 gr. walnuts. Take one spoon twice a day.
  • Mix raw pumpkin seeds with honey in equal amounts. Eat 4-5 tablespoons daily.

Gymnastics for men

Good effect is given a special exercise. The main thing – do not be lazy, and do them regularly.

  1. Sitting in the chair to face his back pressed to the seat area of the body between the testicles and anus, no straining the muscles of the buttocks.
  2. Original position as in the previous exercise.
    Leaving motionless legs and buttocks, sharply rotating the body from side to side.
  3. Lie on your back, legs spread slightly.
    Try to strain the muscles of the perineum, as if bringing the testicles and anus to each other.
  4. In any position, alternately stretch and relax the muscles of the anus.
    To perform at least 20 times in one approach.

This simple complex is necessary to add bracing exercises, morning gymnastics, swimming, classes at the gym. An active lifestyle will become an assistant men restore potency.Diet for erectile dysfunction

To achieve the faster result, you must change your daily diet. Healthy eating — one of the rules in the process of recovery of male potency.

Excluded from the diet:

  • fatty meat;
  • spicy sauces;
  • fried foods;
  • alcohol;
  • smoked foods.
tips for restoring potency

To enter into the diet:

  • dishes of vegetables;
  • seafood and fish low-fat varieties;
  • herbs (especially parsley);
  • nuts and dried fruits;
  • seaweed;
  • porridge (especially buckwheat).

Apart from food, you should adjust the time of work and rest. Be sure to get enough sleep and more fresh air.

Help of the psychotherapist

An important factor in the process of recovery of potency is psychological as men.

If there is a psychological imbalance, and deal with them independently does not work, you should seek the help of a specialist therapist or sexologist.

Psychotherapy will help relieve tension, give the man confidence. Then to restore sexual performance will become much easier.