The effect of Smoking on potency

Factors influencing male power, quite a lot, and one of them is Smoking. Therefore, if you are a heavy smoker then we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with how Smoking affects the potency and what the consequences for men promises this habit.

how Smoking affects the potency

According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet smokes. Heavy smokers can't live a day without a pack of cigarettes, and if the man surrounded by smoke, is considered a symbol of freedom, adventure and romance, now the Smoking is a problem of universal scale. Cigarettes destroy gene pool.

Worldwide, it's time to carry out a massive awareness of the relationship between the concepts such as Smoking and potency in men. The only reason not held these shares, is not profitable for producers of tobacco and drugs that normalize the cardiovascular system.

Potency and erectile dysfunction

Before you can understand the issue of the impact of Smoking on virility, it is necessary to understand how erection occurs, and what is impotence.

The male member is composed of porous bodies and contains a huge number of vessels, by which blood flows to the genitals men. During sexual excitement, the body rushes large amounts of blood, which is sealed in the region of the porous bodies. This scheme gives effect to the dignity of men. After orgasm, a porous body open and give the outflow of blood from the male genitals.

Impotence – decreased libido men. By reducing the strength of a man observed a weak erection or its absolute absence. Reduced potency is accompanied by a psychological barrier and the uncertainty men in their abilities. This leads to a complete lack of sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

The negative impact of the composition of cigarettes on the male body

On the potency in men affects not the fact of use of smoke and contained in cigarette substance. And it's not just the nicotine. A cigarette contains about 5000 different resins, additives, fragrances and so on. 60 of them are harmful to the human body.

The composition of the cigarettes include toxic substances like: nicotine, acetaldehyde, carbon monoxide, isoprene, ammonia, tar, cadmium and lead, methane, phenol, hydrocyanic acid.

And this is not all the components of tobacco products. You can also consider low-quality products, whose effects on the organism are more harmful than cigarettes of higher quality.

To understand the effect of Smoking on male potency, it is necessary to understand what violations are observed inside of a person when exposed to the above substances.

  • Nicotine is a weak drug that gives a feeling not of strong excitation, dizziness and elation. Constricts blood vessels in the body that interferes with normal blood supply. It's bad for potency because of the small supply of blood to the penis. Besides the erection, a substance affects the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and urinary system, and hormonal disturbances.
  • Acetaldehyde is addictive and the addiction a smoker. Destroys the cells DNA and is devastating to the descendants of the Smoking. This substance affects the appearance of abnormalities in subsequent generations.
  • Carbon monoxide disrupts the cardiovascular system, prevents the saturation of the cells of the body with oxygen, is deposited on the walls of the lungs and makes smokers often cough and shortness of breath that interferes with a man during intercourse.
  • Isoprene also is deposited on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and lungs. May cause irritation, chemical burns. Leads to the development of cancer of the lips, mouth, lungs.
  • Ammonia is a substance generally used in the manufacture of household chemicals. Is one of the main components of ammonia. By doing the body in large quantities, causes severe poisoning.
  • Tar deposited in the lungs, causing chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.
  • Cadmium and lead destructively affect the kidneys, promotes leaching of calcium from bones, making blood capillaries are too fragile. The lead spreads through the body by the bloodstream and settles in the bodies.
  • Methane is a poisonous gas that causes intoxication, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Can be the cause of problems with potency.
  • Phenol irritates the mucous membranes of the trachea, throat, esophagus. Provokes coughing and accumulation of pus in the bronchi. Can become a provocateur of cancer of the above bodies.
Smoking and potency

Here's how cigarettes affect the potency and the male body in General.

Many people who smoke, it is naive to believe that all the volatile oils and harmful additives contained in cigarettes are held up at the filter, and into the lungs gets the minimum number of poisons. The verdict of experts will disappoint you – in a filter cigarette is delayed less than forty-eight percent of the substances that are in tobacco product.

Fact: a person who smokes up to two packs of cigarettes a day, can lose potency by the age of forty, but by quitting, if the whole body is healthy, there is a chance to get rid of impotence even in fifty years.

Disease smokers

The nicotine and tar, which are part of tobacco smoke, contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels and plaque formation that leads to poor blood flow to the internal organs and tissues. Also smokers have a sharply increased risk of myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease.

Smoking disrupts the production of testosterone in the body. Tobacco smoke inhibits the production of this hormone in the body that causes the lack of attraction to women and violate sexual and social life of men.

For prostatitis Smoking can harm the urinary tract and disrupt the activities of the entire genitourinary system. It is also possible congestion in the pelvic organs, which can lead to such consequences as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Nicotine irritates the nervous system of man, which smokers are more nervous and aggressive than those that lead a healthy lifestyle.

The effect of Smoking on potency

  • According to studies, one hundred percent of the about seventy impotent men are smokers. Big numbers, right? The effect of Smoking on potency is obvious, but not everyone is dependent on the cigarette the man is ready to quit the harmful habit.
  • The meanness of tobacco products that visible signs of deterioration of the erection have men on average after five years of Smoking. Therefore, smokers are no possibility to compare their "functionality", so to speak, before and after.
  • Also, very importantly, Smoking affects the penis size of a teenager. If a guy started Smoking from a very young age, he has all chances, for the reason that the penis comes insufficient amount of blood to "earn" a little dignity.
  • Smoking affects the sperm quality of men. Tobacco smoke kills healthy sperm, so the seed becomes liquid and is not suitable for fertilization.
  • Due to the narrowing of blood vessels, a man's penis becomes less firm and elastic, even during intercourse. The thrill of intimacy and orgasm are also dim. For these reasons, there is a lack of sexual desire.

Smoking cessation and recovery of potency

Men, think over what is more important – bright and pleasant sexual life, good health and happy children, either dependent on nicotine?

According to the statistics, fifteen percent of men who addicted of Smoking experienced erection problems. Sixty percent of smokers who have reached forty-five years, are impotent, or have great problems with potency. At the same time, as a percentage of non-smokers who face problems with potency only about sixteen percent, even at the age of forty-five years.

In most cases, the potentiality after refusal of Smoking can return to normal, provided that men do not have any diseases affecting the genitals.

The average potency in men returns for six months after he quit Smoking. Should get rid of this addiction, and after a few months, a man can feel the improvement in erection. Sexual intercourse will last longer, and the feeling of intimacy brighter and more varied.

quitting Smoking

Shortness of breath will disappear, before emerging from the slightest physical exertion. Restores the immunity will disappear and a persistent cough, especially in the morning.

Here is how quitting Smoking affects the potency, and we are confident that the result standing (both in direct and figurative sense of the word).

To speed up the recovery of potency and cleanse the body from nicotine, it is necessary to do sports if you are not addicted, to diet and a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids.

It is also worth to note that in any case it is impossible to quit, and then start again. The best option is to leave addiction in the past – gradually reduce the dose of cigarettes smoked, instead of to stop Smoking. This is a more gentle way to forget about the craving for tobacco.

Given the fact that nicotine is a weak drug, it is high time to eliminate from the shelves. All qualified doctors say that about 70% percent of men suffering from impotence, bought it because of regular Smoking.

It can be concluded that Smoking is one of the most detrimental habits that affect the gene pool of man in General, and the potency of men in particular.

Hope now you understand the influence of Smoking on potency from it and what are the implications for men's health. I also hope that most of our readers acquainted with this material will solve all the same to give up nicotine addiction. Be healthy!