All the herbs to enhance potency in men

Almost every man has an opinion about themselves and confidence in their abilities is largely dependent on the male libido. Any problems in the genital area can severely undermine psycho-emotional state, to drive a person into depression and anxiety. And, of course, all representatives of a strong half of society want for as long as possible to maintain their strength. But the modern world requires a lot of negative factors that destroy human health.

On male potency most often affected by stress and poor environment, I also the presence of harmful habits and various diseases of the genitourinary system. Despite this, modern medicine involves many miraculous and effective techniques that increase the potency. We are talking about herbal medicine, was found various herbs for potency, which stores the results of the enhance libido for a long time.

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What herbs increase potency in men?

Before you start looking for recipes of traditional medicine, you should carefully examine herbs to increase potency, their properties and possibilities.

For reference! Most of the sexologists in the world hold the view that at early stages of occurrence of problems with potency should not resort to using drugs. Return the erection is much better and safer for the entire body using medicinal herbs.

  1. Ginseng Siberian. Components of herb are beneficial to the heart and blood vessels, and respiratory system. A healthy circulatory system — the key to a strong male potency.
  2. Gingko Biloba. Herb in Chinese traditional medicine, components which nourish the brain with nutrients and increase circulation in the area of the genital organs of men.
  3. The lemongrass. Indispensable herb for blood circulation and stimulation of the immune system, and enhance the beneficial properties of lemongrass for male power in combination with ginseng.
  4. Yohimbe. This herb is popularly known as Viagra, only of natural origin with no side effects. In the bark of the tree scientists have long found an alkaloid, which increases the blood flow to the male erectile tissue, thereby quickly increasing the potency.
  5. Catuaba. The most popular herb to return to its former strength men in the countries and cities of America.
  6. Hawthorn. The berries of this plant encourage blood flow to the brain and heart as well as to the organs of the reproductive system of men.
  7. Nettles and wild oats. The use of these herbs involves the return of a man not only strength, but endurance, thereby prolonging erection.
  8. Thyme. In this grass contains high amount of zinc, which is indispensable to improve the activity of sperm, men, as well as return it to its former vigor and erection.
  9. The Saw Palmetto. Native Americans in ancient times used the plant for non-traditional cure of various diseases of the genitourinary system men. Grass strengthens not only erectile function but also the cardiovascular system muscle mass.
  10. Aloe. The circulatory system and the blood supply in the pelvic organs normalizes the juice from this flower.
  11. Horse chestnut. If the prerequisites for impotence become inflammation and other diseases of the genitourinary system, horse chestnut essential in the treatment, especially if we are talking about prostatitis or stagnation of venous blood in the genital organs of men.
  12. St. John's wort. This plant also increases circulation, including to the pelvic organs, most traditional recipes suggest the preparation of infusion.
  13. Dubrovnik. Grass, broad-spectrum effects, which has tannins, trace minerals and ester oils, due to which it helps to treat different diseases of the urogenital system.
  14. Ginger. In ancient times this plant was considered "fruit of love" the amino acids and the esters improve the circulatory system, which leads to increased sensitivity of the erogenous zones and tone the entire body. This plant is an aphrodisiac to improve the potency, greatly increasing libido.
  15. Ivan-tea. This herb stimulates the thyroid gland, so men boosts production of testosterone. Well as normal hematopoiesis, is a calming effect on the nervous system.

The list of herbs is constantly updated with new finds specialists, herbal medicine is increasingly gaining popularity and evolving.

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What unites all these herbs

According to the statistics, the problem of erectile dysfunction in men becomes "younger", that is, if before men, decreased libido in old age, today faced with this increasingly youth. Traditional medicine and use of medicinal herbs to correct low libido is a common goal — to eradicate the causes of this phenomenon and its consequences.

Causes of low potency and herbs to eliminate them:

  • Failure of the cardiovascular system, leading to blood stagnation and poor circulation. To help with such problems can ginseng, ginger, schisandra, St. John's wort, Saw Palmetto, hawthorn and many other herbs.
  • Hypoactive sexual desire is also a cause of erectile dysfunction. Can help herbs aphrodisiacs, for example, ginger etc.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system, which are also treated with herbs such as Dubrovnik, horse chestnut, and grass, Ginkgo biloba and Saw Palmetto.

All the above folk remedies, which are used to increase the potency of men, similar in their properties — a tonic and stimulating effect. In domestic herbal medicine existing herbs to increase potency is called the term adaptogens, which activate the hidden reserves of the human body, improves the functioning of many systems and organs.

What fees herbs for potency can be used?

Despite the fact that today you can find herbs for potency at the pharmacy, experts recommend self-harvested herbs. If it is to combine several medicinal plants, this will allow a man to expect much faster results.

Fees herbs to raise potency:

  1. Nettle, peppermint and St John's wort. The collected plants need to dry, mix in equal proportions. The resulting mixture, take 3 tablespoons, added to a liter of boiling water, then infused for 20-30 minutes. Strained decoction may be taken several times a day.
  2. The leaves of raspberry, currant, strawberry. Dried leaves, mix with 20 grams each plant. In boiling water the resulting collection is kept in a water bath for no more than 15-20 minutes, then strain off from the sediment, take before a meal and one glass.
  3. Rose hips and Rowan. Dried berries of both plants take a tablespoon of each in hot water is kept not less than 6 hours. All day means taking half a Cup, a course of therapy is at least 7 days.
  4. Aloe and parsley seeds. Aloe cleanse from the skin and chop finely with a knife, mixed with 10 grams of seeds of green. This mixture insist on the basis of red wine for about 14 days. 10 grams of this tincture take a day 2-3 times.

For reference! If there is no way to prepare herbs for male power, you can buy ready-made raw materials in the pharmacy, and then mix according to the recipe.

After it became clear, what herbs to drink to improve male strength and how to cook them properly, an important condition for successful self-treatment is regular and healthy way of life.

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Advantages of herbal medicine

To determine the feasibility of using herbs to increase potency is to evaluate all the advantages of home therapy.

  • Savings, as prepared herbal pharmacies are inexpensive, making herbal medicine affordable to anyone.
  • Quick results of the treatment as the herbs guarantees the stable changes in the human body, but with proper lifestyle.
  • No side effects, than can not boast of almost any medications for potency. Despite the fact that herbs have contraindications, if properly applied traditional methods, you can restore the normal functioning of all organs and systems.

For reference! Apart from medicinal herbs, to increase libido you need to eat right, avoid stress and conflict situations, to give up bad habits. An active lifestyle is also key to the normal erection in men.

For the quick return of functioning of the reproductive system important condition is compliance with the recommendations and prescriptions of folk medicine. To find the best ways of home treatment, it is possible to consult on such matters with professionals.