What is the potency in men - what affects its reduction methods to improve

Male power is an important factor in sexual life and a significant criterion for determining social status of the person. The potency level is easy to identify by their appearance. A healthy man is respected friends, the admiration of women. Unfortunately, in recent years, problems with potency are increasingly pursuing men. They can be solved with proven techniques. What potency, what means to enhance it exist, and what medications should be taken – everyone should know about it man. The correct therapy will return the health of and regular sex.

that affect the potency

What is the potency

The etymology of the word leads to the Latin potentia – ability. In sexology, the term male potency refers to the ability of the body to engage in a sexual act. The concept of is characterized by erectile function and duration of erection, reproductive capabilities. In addition, the key is the ability of men to obtain satisfaction from intercourse. The term "potency" is not identified with the frequency of sex, libido or erection.

What affects potency in men

Male power depends on many factors. So, a direct impact on libido, the content in the body hormone testosterone. This substance is synthesized in the testes and the adrenal cortex, actively involved in the development of sperm, is responsible for their quality. The hormone can influence the mood of a man, his stress, promotes the fat burning process in the body to build lean muscle mass.

The synthesis of testosterone depends on age, lifestyle, nutrition, and ecology. The highest concentration in the body men occurs at the age of 25-30 years. Subsequently, the level of testosterone decreases. In addition, erectile function is affected by the cardiovascular system, overweight men, body fat, overall health. The adverse effect of presence of chronic diseases.

Which men's power wanes

A good potency for men guarantees the quality of sexual life. However, sometimes health leads at the most inopportune moment. Impotence is characterized by inability to get an erection, low sex duration, premature ejaculation. In men dysfunction can occur due to several factors:

  • Bad genetic predisposition. Male power, like many other physical characteristics can be inherited.
  • Violation of the cardiovascular system. Her illness can lead to insufficient blood flow to the male penis.
  • Pathology of the genitourinary system. These disorders often have a negative impact on male potency.
  • Hormonal disruptions. Insufficient synthesis of certain substances in the body lead to a reduction of male power.
  • Weight. Completeness becomes a cause of female hormones and decrease male. Fat load of cardiovascular system and limit movement.
  • Age-related changes in the male body. Aging leads to a decrease in testosterone level. In addition, men tend to development of diseases that negatively affect the erection.
  • Violation psycho-emotional state. Constant stress can cause men psychological impotence.
  • The presence of harmful habits – Smoking, alcohol, drugs – has a negative impact on erection men, sperm quality and overall health.
how to check the potency

How to check the potency

Curing impotence is possible in case of timely detection. Test male reproductive system for abnormalities in the home. This applies to diagnostics nerve conduction and nerve endings. Men need to feel the penis throughout its length. The same should be done with the scrotum. Touch should be felt clearly. Another version of the test for potency – compress the head of the penis. In healthy men this should cause the contraction of the muscles of the anus. There are a number of medical tests: semen analysis, test for testosterone levels etc.

Increased potency

To take measures to increase male power needed when violations are found in the body. Indications for treatment can be age-related impotence, weak erection, premature ejaculation, prostatitis. It is desirable to consult a doctor for the selection of methods. The specialist will help a man to determine the optimal way of drug treatment or increased potency natural ways. The latter include diet, physical exercise, massage. Practiced increased potency in men folk remedies.

The main principle during treatment should be a revision of the diet and refusal of bad habits. You need to limit alcohol consumption and stop Smoking. Well affect the potency of men physical exercise. Another important rule is to avoid such an unpleasant psychological factor such as stress. Close attention should be paid to physical health and to remove weight, if any.

How to increase male potency natural ways

Often it happens that, for whatever reasons, men are unable to assign the use of drugs. Sometimes, doctors believe that it is possible to restrict the implementation of the recommendations. To improve the potency man needs to introduce a healthy diet that includes only healthy foods. Doctors recommend to take into account when compiling the need to lose weight. Men appointed exercises to improve the potency, workout of the pubic-coccygeal muscles. Can be used massage technique. An important factor in natural treatment of violations of potency is a good night's sleep.


male potency products

You need to restrict consumption of spicy, salty and fried. Products should contain necessary male body vitamins and minerals. Of the nutrients you need to pay attention on zinc, selenium, vitamins E, C and B. a Positive influence on the potency dairy products, nuts, seafood, lean meats, vegetables and fruits, greens. Good aphrodisiacs are considered to be avocado, coconut, honey, celery, oysters. A healthy diet ensures the man improvements.


Increased potency can be achieved with physical activity. It has a beneficial effect on virility and body by increasing circulation. In addition, exercise contribute to the production of the hormone testosterone, train the muscles. Sport helps to improve the overall psychological state of the organism. A set of exercises for the potency will help you choose the specialist, but there are basic exercises that a man can perform yourself:

  • Front step. Feet put on width apart, hands on hips. You should walk raising their knees high.
  • The rotation of the pelvis. Feet put on width apart, hands on hips. It is recommended to perform a rotation of the pelvis counterclockwise or clockwise. One approach is at least 20 rpm.
  • To keep the stone. Bend your knees, hands put on the belt. The body must be in tension. Bend the knees should as much as possible while tensing and relaxing the muscles of the buttocks.

What to take to increase potency

The pharmaceutical market can offer men a lot of drugs that will help to solve health problems and improve health. It's like the old traditional stimulants of potency, and a new generation of drugs. Practiced by the use of synthetic and natural drugs. Well increase the potency of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase, in various cases, the use of stimulators of NO-synthase, spasmolytics, alpha-blockers, or dietary Supplements based on plant or animal components. The use of these drugs is allowed with the consent of the specialist.


In most cases, doctors recommend men to use the universal amps of potency of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 5 type. Tools help increase blood circulation in the genital organs during arousal and improve erectile function. Men they can easily be applied at home. The positive effect of these drugs is stated.

How to increase the potency of folk remedies

ways to improve

Sometimes alternative medicine is not inferior to the use of synthetic drugs. Good potency in this case is achieved through the use of folk remedies. Well proven the following methods:

  • To take before eating a spoonful of honey mixed with walnuts.
  • To drink 2-3 times a day tablespoon of porridge made from dill, parsley and cilantro in equal proportions.
  • Eat a mixture of garlic and onions in the ratio of one to two 1 tbsp. spoon during lunch.
  • To drink infusion of herbs St. John's wort vodka (1 tbsp herbs and 5 tbsp vodka) 3 times a day 40 drops. To this mixture needs to sit for 3 weeks.