What is good and what is bad for male potency.

The ability of men to hold intercourse is called potency. This term means the strength and speed of onset of erection and duration of sexual intercourse. Stress, excess weight, chronic diseases, sedentary lifestyle and other factors have a negative impact on the potency and increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

what affects potency in men

What factors positively affect the state of potency

There are certain factors that affect the potency of the male positively.

To improve the functioning of the genital organs will help:

  1. Food.
  2. Physical activity.
  3. Avoidance of stressful situations.

Man must obey the regulations. Night sleep should be complete. In addition, it is crucial to cure all diseases.

The man should be attentive to the condition of the vessels and the heart, to control the level of glucose in the blood, to monitor the condition of hemorrhoids and prostate.

Consider in more detail each of the factors.


Food men should be rich in protein, such products are:

  • lean meat: chicken, rabbit or veal;
  • nuts: walnuts, pine, almond, hazelnuts, unsalted pistachios;
  • yoghurt and cheese, eggs;
  • parsley and spinach;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • various spices and herbs: ginger root and ginseng, cinnamon and cloves;
  • sesame seeds;
  • garlic and celery;
  • bean;
  • vegetables: broccoli, radish and cauliflower;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • dark chocolate;
  • fruit: oranges and citrus, strawberries and bananas.

For example, if you eat grated radish with beetroot, in the male body intensively synthesized testosterone.

Positively on the state of potency is affected by the honey, fish and seafood. The most useful are fatty fish, such as mackerel or flounder, and oysters, crabs, anchovies, mussels and shrimp. The above seafood, thanks to its rich composition, have a positive effect on the functioning of all internal organs and systems.

To normalize the deficiency of necessary microelements will help vitamin-mineral complexes.

To improve the potency it is recommended to drink natural coffee and green tea. It is recommended that a fractional power. Food should be steamed, boiled or baked condition.

physical activity

Physical activity

Regular exercise helps to strengthen the body, develop endurance. All this has a positive effect on male sexual function.

The man recommended to do:

  • swimming;
  • snowshoeing;
  • running;
  • tennis.

Well established running long distances. This sport improves blood circulation. You should start with small distances, gradually increasing them. With increasing loads, increased the synthesis of testosterone and strengthens the cardiovascular system. This all positively affects state of potency.

Men who are not able to exercise regularly, it is recommended to perform daily set of exercises:

  1. The rotation of the pelvis. The main Desk: hands on hips and feet shoulder width apart. To carry out rotational movements pelvis for 5 minutes in each direction.
  2. Stepping in place, raising their knees high for three minutes.
  3. To raise the pelvis in the supine position. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.
  4. To perform the exercise "Bicycle" for 2 minutes.

These exercises strengthen men's health and improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

The correct response to a stressful situation

Representatives of a strong half should avoid overexertion and stress. To overcome a stressful situation will help yoga, auto-trainings and meditation. Massage and listening to soft music will help get rid of fatigue.

Numerous medical researches have proved the positive influence of melodies on the saxophone work of the sexual sphere men.

A special program of meditation and normalize the nervous system. As a consequence, increases stress resistance and increases potency.


In some situations, to improve the potency of men prescribed the following medications:

Inhibitors of the fosfodiesterasi - 5. Help to cure erectile dysfunction. Therapeutic effect is achieved quickly and lasts for several hours. This is enough time that the man committed several sex. It is recommended to consume 1 pill an hour before sexual act. These drugs have a significant list of contraindications.

Other patients, on the contrary, show a decline in sexual function after taking the medicine. Given all the feedback we can conclude that the effect of Phenibut depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

All medicines should be taken only on doctor's recommendations, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Traditional methods

Well proven to increase potency and folk methods.

Themselves productive are the following recipes:

traditional recipes for potency
  1. Every day to drink 2 tablespoons of pre-chopped walnuts 3-4 tablespoons of honey.
  2. Infusion of horseradish. For cooking should be 0.5 kg of fresh horseradish minced, pour water and leave for a week to infuse. Then to medium and add the juice of three lemons and 3 tablespoons honey. Take tincture before each meal 1 tbsp. spoon.
  3. Mint tea and lemon balm.

As well as common medicinal plant, has a positive effect on potency, is St. John's wort. This culture reduces fatigue and increases sexual desire. It is prepared from medicinal teas, infusions and tinctures with vodka.

Factors adversely affecting potency

For proper operation of sex organs a man needs regular sexual contact. Some representatives of the strong half lost the ability to conduct intercourse. Recently erectile dysfunction was to meet young men. The state of potency is influenced by many factors.


Erectile dysfunction, usually diagnosed after the age of 35, when men decreases the synthesis of testosterone. In addition, with age there is a decrease of spermatogenesis, reduced volume of ejaculate, and the level of active sperm.

These factors point to the development of sexual dysfunction. And with the return of developing chronic cardiovascular disease, which also adversely affect potency. For example, one of the causes of erectile dysfunction is considered to be atherosclerosis of the pelvic vessels.

However, there were some cases when men in older age do not suffer violations of with potency.

Psychological state

Very important for male power confidence and life experience.

Factors that adversely affect sexual potency:

  • psychological trauma in childhood;
  • attitude towards the partner;
  • mood;
  • fears;
  • prolonged stress;
  • complexes;
  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • depression.

Any of the above reasons can cause a disorder of erectile function.

Physical condition

physical condition

Medical research has proved that the representatives of a strong half with poor physical development and impaired potency. This is due to poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs, deterioration of the nutrition of tissues.

The lack of physical activity leads to a sedentary job in the office, spending time on the sofa, travel by car. All this leads to increased fat tissue, decreased synthesis of testosterone and increase production of estrogens.

In addition, the state undermines the potency of abdominal trauma, pelvis and spine.

Bad habits

Common bad habits include:

  • Smoking;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • the addiction to drugs.

Alcohol abuse also leads to the accumulation in the brain and liver of ethanol. As a consequence, decreases the synthesis of testosterone and lack of erection. Alcohol in small amounts can have a positive impact on potency and increasing libido.

Nicotine has a devastating effect on the vessels. Smokers with the experience observed narrowing of the blood vessels, impeding the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, resulting in erection does not occur.

Even more harmful are considered drugs. Marijuana and other means to destroy the body of the man. Regular intake of drugs leads to damage to the nervous system and absolute impotence. Addicts are also promiscuity and exposed to infection with venereal diseases. The lack of treatment of these pathologies dangerously fatal.


Daily diet also has an impact on the state of men's health.
The deficiency of nutrients leads to weakening of body functions, among them sexual.

Risk factors include excess weight. Most often obesity occurs as a result of frequent consumption of unhealthy products: fast food, sausages, beer, sausages, semi-finished products, baking, canned, soda.

As a result of excessive consumption of fatty foods increases the risk of atherosclerosis. This disease is hampered by the filling of the penis with blood and an erection becomes impossible.


Parasites, bacteria and viruses have a negative impact on the internal organs. Exerting a toxic effect on the genitals, they worsen the condition of potency.

Kidney disorder can cause a decrease in production of sex hormones, disruption of nerve endings in the penis. And these processes are accompanied by impaired blood circulation in the genitals.


The infection penetrated into the urinary system, trigger the following processes:

  1. Involuntary ejaculation.
  2. Reduction or complete loss of erection.
  3. The lack of excitement.
  4. The decrease in hardness of penis and do not increase in size.

Common pathologies of the genitourinary system that could have a negative impact on masculinity, are:

  • urethritis – inflammation of urethra;
  • pyelonephritis, which affects the kidneys;
  • orchiepididymitis;
  • balanoposthitis;
  • inflammation of the prostate gland – prostatitis;
  • injury to the kidney;
  • inflammation of the seminal vesicles;
  • nephrotic syndrome.

Dangerous for potency of different pathogens: chlamydia, Ureaplasma, staphylococci, fungi, Treponema pallidum, Trichomonas, gonorrhea and other infections.

The effect of diseases

Conventionally, all of the disease that have a negative impact on male potency can be divided into two groups:

  1. Pathology of the genitourinary system.
  2. Diseases of other systems.

In addition, the potency is negatively affected by the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes and other hormonal disorders;
  • hepatitis;
  • obesity;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • cancerous growths;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • epilepsy.

In addition, a threat is any injury to the spinal cord.

The influence of drugs

Medication in most situations have a negative impact on erectile function in men. Especially dangerous are antibacterial drugs. They weaken the body.

the influence of drugs

Potentially harmful medications listed in the table.

The name of the medication Brief description
Valerian Dangerous for potency only in large doses. The reason is that the tool is characterized by a calming effect. As a result of frequent intake, you may develop drowsiness.
Tricyclic antidepressants and sedatives Medication is prescribed to fight against stress and depressive States. Soothing effect promotes the development of erectile dysfunction.
Steroids - Hormonal agents used by athletes to increase muscle mass. Some of these medications contain testosterone. The male body begins to synthesize less of this hormone. Due to hormonal imbalance quite often there are problems with libido or potency.
Beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers Prescribed increased pressure. Acting on nerve endings, means able to trigger the development of impotence.
Blockers H2-histamine receptors These drugs, usually prescribed for the treatment of gastric ulcer. Due to prolonged use can disrupt the exchange of male hormones. In such situations increases the risk of impotence.
Anticancer drugs Lead to a decrease of testosterone and inhibition potency.

In addition, a negative on the state of men's health is influenced by diuretic and anti-allergic drugs, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. With caution should take protein and creatine.

Chemotherapy does not have a direct impact on the functioning of the genital organs and potency. However, this method of treatment is accompanied by dizziness, weakness, regular bouts of nausea, the deterioration of health. All of this can lead to decrease sexual desire in men.

Knowing which factors adversely affect the functioning of the genital organs, the man is able to easily avoid problems with potency. It is recommended to lead an active life rationally and to eat right, eliminate harmful habits, to prevent infection. All this will help to avoid erectile dysfunction.