Vitamins to increase potency in men

The problem of declining sexual activity can sometimes overtake any man, regardless of age. According to observations of specialists, the level of sexual opportunities for men of age are subject to certain fluctuations.

vitamins for potency

It is not always indicative of the global health problems. At times the modern rhythm of life that requires a lot of energy that can not only reduce libido, but also degrade overall health.

Decreasing male libido can also contribute to poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking, excessive physical loads, disharmony or monotony in a relationship and even frequent change of partners.

Revitalize your feelings, and invaluable support in this case has a vitamin, which gently acting on the male body, increases sexual and reproductive function and allows you to enjoy life in full force. Possible problems can be prevented by starting to strengthen your body in advance.

As you know, the main substance responsible for male activity, is a hormone testosteronenot only affects sexual behavior, but also responsible for the strength of muscles, strengthening of bone and muscle mass.

Usually the level of this hormone in men the most elevated in the morning and gradually decreases during the second half of the day, reaching the lowest level in the evening.

Vitamins that help produce testosterone in large quantity be contained in the usual foods that are often unfairly cost a party of men, when may well be major and, most importantly, delicious meals in the diet.

Natural vitamins for male potency

The first place among the "male" vitamin is vitamins A and E.

vitamin a

Vitamin a is especially rich in carrots. Its daily consumption is able to ensure the preservation of male power. Increase libido and contributes to the onion, however the smell of this product is not always may not be good for your half. Despite this, the dishes based on onions (e.g. onion soup) firmly entrenched in the erotic cuisine of many countries.

For enhancing sexual activity, do not forget about parsley, celery, radishes, lettuce, asparagus and other greens.

Vitamin E tocopherol or otherwise for potency is found in the seeds of oil crops, nuts, vegetable oils, meat, fish and legumes. It stimulates the muscles and improves overall body tone. Substances contained in vitamin E, a beneficial effect on the function of the thyroid gland, pituitary gland and genital organs. Besides high-quality vegetable oils contain polyunsaturated acids, active ingredients which enhance sexual desire and duration of sexual act.

Lack of tocopherol in the human body may be the cause of partial or total loss of reproductive ability, lower libido and the emergence of impotence.

Vitamins that increase the potency: groups b, C and D also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the male sex drive.

Vitamin C is essential for strengthening the cardiovascular system and increase overall physical activity. Besides, regular intake of ascorbic acid is a great prevention still such a male disease as BPH. Especially rich in vitamin C citrus, some vegetables and fruits (e.g. wild rose). A huge amount of ascorbic acid contained in spinach.

B vitamins (especially B6) take an active part in the formation of the nervous system. Sources – brewer's yeast, legumes, and products made from flour.

Vitamin D to improve the potency influence the increased secretion of testosterone. Look for it in the seafood, dairy, and quail eggs.

About seafood in General should be discussed separately. At all times they were considered an aphrodisiac and an indispensable tool in the quality of sexual relations. A reason for the men living on the coast, often secured glory "hot guys". First place in the number of required trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids occupy the oysters. Despite his humilis calorie, fish and seafood are a great source of protein and nutrients.

Can pamper yourself with natural chocolate, which is considered an excellent means to increase potency, but products actively rich in carbohydrates, do not get carried away. Consumed in large quantities, they can become apparent enemies on your way to sexual success.

Proper nutrition assists in keeping men's health and supports physical activity at a high level. Don't forget that. A varied menu each day should be present on your Desk.

Vitamin complexes and biologically active additives

vitamin complexes

The range of products to increase male libido every day is expanding. TV and media are full of advertisements about various products and vitamin complexes.

Many of them really provide invaluable assistance, however, are designed to deal with already existing problems and not all are safe.
The purpose of this therapy must be performed by a medical specialist. Self-medication in this case is excluded. Many advertised remedies can cause allergic reactions or be individually intolerable, therefore, to assess the possibility of their acceptance in each specific case can only be a doctor.

In General the correct way of life and a healthy diet are some of the most affordable ways to successful sexual relations. Following these requirements will ensure that you have an active sex life yourself and your partner. Eat more healthy food, keep fit, give up bad habits and live it to the fullest.

And one last tip. If you feel a reduction in sexual energy from fatigue and emotional tension, look at yourself and the world in new ways. Change the environment, create around themselves psychologically comfortable and try not to dwell on it. Bring the newness in your relationship and make sure that life can sparkle with new bright colors.