Causes of pain in testicles overexcited

Pain is an alarming symptom, a symptom of many diseases. Discomfort in the region of the testes sometimes indicate severe pathology. But not in all cases, the cause of the pain requires treatment, sometimes it is caused by physiological factors.

possible causes of discomfort

Possible reasons for discomfort in testicles

If you experience pain in the testes the best solution will be a visit to the urologist or the surgeon. After all, only a doctor can accurately determine the cause of the disease.

Yes, quite often drawing sensations occur after incomplete sexual intercourse, or overstimulation, but quite often the pain is a consequence of the dangerous diseases, for example:

  • bacterial infection;
  • varicose veins;
  • torsion' of the spermatic cord;
  • tumors or injuries.

To determine the cause by yourself is almost impossible, since the main symptoms of the pathologies are very similar. Even the urologist palpation of the testicles does not always directly set the type of violation.

For accurate diagnosis, the doctor prescribes additional examination of the patient, which includes laboratory analysis of biological material for the presence of bacterial or viral pathogen infection (urine, swab from the urethra, prostate secretion) and ultrasound imaging. In some cases requires examination of the genitourinary system completely. Because anxious feelings can be associated with diseases of the kidneys or of the prostate.

Diagnosis of diseases

Even if pains in the testes only appears at the time of erection, can not be considered the only cause of excitement men.

Such pains are a symptom:

  • orchitis;
  • epididymitis;
  • spermatocele;
  • varicocele;
  • hydrocele;
  • lymphostasis;
  • inguinal hernia;
  • malignant tumors.

Unpleasant sensations can occur in one testicle or in both:

  1. Orchitis is an inflammatory process caused by bacterial infection. The microorganism gets into the testicles of neighboring organs – the kidneys, or prostate and begins to multiply. A man can notice an increase and change the color of the skin of the scrotum.
  2. Epididymitis is an inflammation that occurs in the epididymis. Usually appears together with orchitis. In bacterial infection the pain increases at the time of erection. Therefore the man can not pay attention to this symptom, considering it a consequence of overstimulation.
  3. Spermatocele is a complication of stagnation sperm excretory ducts. Represents the entity that contains the secretory fluid. Causes nagging pain that intensifies during physical activity or sexual contact.
  4. Varicocele – varicose veins may not just on the legs. This hereditary pathology often affects the internal organs. Enlarged blood vessels squeezing the testicles and clamp the spermatic cord, causing sharp or pulling pain. Diagnose the disease a doctor.
  5. Hydrocele – dropsy, which can also cause pain, visible to the eye and detectable during the inspection, but for more accurate diagnosis and treatment you need to consult a doctor.
  6. Lymphedema – accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the scrotum occurs as a result of trauma or complication of surgery. In some cases spontaneously, in others removed surgically. Detailed recommendations gives the attending physician.
  7. Inguinal hernia – a prolapse of intestinal loops in the groin area. Felt as pain in the scrotum, although it has no relation to diseases of the genitourinary system. To determine the hernia, the surgeon may palpation or ultrasound scanning.
  8. Tumors cause discomfort both benign and malignant processes. Testicular cancer rarely occurs as an independent disease. Most often it is a complication of the cancer process in other organs. If the scrotum is felt a bump, a lump or thickening, requires urgent consultation with a urologist or surgeon.

Testicles hurt after the trauma or over-active intimate caresses of the partner (bites, sharp pulling, tapping). If the discomfort persists for days, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Alarming symptoms

Diagnosis of the patient includes a survey and a search for additional signs of possible disease.

Anxiety symptoms pointing to the origin of pathological pain are:

  • redness or blueness of the skin of the scrotum;
  • severe swelling;
  • modifying dimensions of one or both testicles;
  • cramps;
  • profuse discharge from the urethra;
  • blood during urination or ejaculation;
  • changes in the structure of the testes, presence of seals.

Any of these additional signs should be a signal for treatment to the clinic.

treatment of diseases

Treatment of diseases

Treatment of eggs is the reception of antibacterial agents in physiotherapy. Some types of diseases such as torsion of the testicle or varicocele require surgical intervention.

Urogenital diseases require competent care, which outpatient or inpatient. Self-medication is fraught with complications and spread of infection to adjacent organs.

If detected early disease prognosis for recovery is very high. Even testicular cancer can be successfully treated in the initial stage, while preserving sexual function and male fertility.

Sexual arousal as a cause of pain in the testicles

Often, the physician men say that the sore testicles after excitation. The reason for these feelings lies in the physiology of the body.

The testes capsules in which the production and maturation of sperm. It is a continuous process. One portion of the fertilizing liquid ready-to-eruption about once every three days. If ejaculation does not occur for a long time, the semen accumulates and begins to inflate the walls of the efferent ducts. Hence the discomfort that worry even in a resting state.

At the beginning of the maturation of the male body independently assigns the excess semen. This phenomenon is called pollution, and occurs mainly during sleep.

More thrills are observed during prolonged sexual arousal which is not completed with sexual intercourse and ejaculation. During erection, the testicles tighten, preparing to throw semen out as soon as you open the valve. If orgasm does not occur, ejaculation is delayed. Blood pours from the corpus cavernosum of the penis, the erection subsides. But the tension in the testicles does not disappear instantly. It might disturb for a few hours.

Pain is often troubled by men who have irregular sexual life. Long-term abstinence, alternating with frequent sexual acts, do not contribute to the preservation of health. As a result, in the prostate and the testicles produces stagnation of fluids such as lymph and secretory, are developing small inflammation that clog the channels and make it impossible for the natural flow. To solve this problem it is necessary to resort to drug or surgical treatment.

Elimination of pain of the testicles

Seminal fluid, ripe and ready to fertilize an egg, waiting in the wings for 7-10 days. Then the sperm are gradually beginning to crumble, and the secretory fluid is absorbed by the walls and blood vessels.

Men with rare sex and not confluentem to Masturbation, I notice the morning wet dreams, which occur one to two times per month. Such involuntary ejaculation is the norm in adolescence adolescence. They disappear with the beginning of a regular sexual life, but re-emerge with prolonged abstinence.

If it makes the man uncomfortable enough to achieve a discharge independently about once a week.

pain relief

Pain relief

To endure the thrill in the scrotum and wait until they pass on their own, can be difficult.

There are a few tips to alleviate the symptoms:

  1. Under strong excitation, not culminating in intercourse or ejaculation, to achieve a discharge independently or with a partner using other means (oral sex or Masturbation). The flow of excess fluid will accelerate the recovery process. But if the scrotum continues to hurt, do not provoke erection and ejaculation the second time. Such actions will increase the discomfort. It is better to move on to other ways.
  2. To make a cooling compress. The temperature of the testicles is always slightly lower than that of the whole body, but during ejaculation, the testes rise to the perineum and hot. Slight cooling helps to relieve spasm and tension. Lowering the temperature should be smooth. It is better to use a wet compress or cabbage leaf.
  3. To take the anesthetic. But remember that before taking medications should consult a doctor to exclude possible contraindications. It is impossible to eliminate the signal symptoms in a pathological cause of the pain. This leads to the development of complications.

If unpleasant sensations are repeated regularly and any necessary diagnostic problems and therapeutic treatment.

The harm and benefit of Masturbation to the health of the testicles

To relieve discomfort and prevent pain in the testes when excited recommended regular Masturbation, if the ability to complete the sexual act impossible. But self-gratification is not as safe as it seems.

The positive effect of Masturbation

It is known that prolonged abstinence leads to sexual dysfunction and the development of many diseases.

Masturbation is able to solve some tasks:

  • the diversion of the seminal fluid;
  • maintenance of circulation in the genitals;
  • the destruction of stagnant processes;
  • update of spermatozoa and prostatic secretions;
  • to prevent the development of inflammation and clogging of the ducts.

Regular Masturbation is able to maintain a healthy potency for a long time. But it can also have unwanted effects.

Negative effect of Masturbation

Often, self-satisfaction becomes a cause of the decline in erectile function, libido, affects the quality of sexual intercourse and the composition of the seminal fluid.

effects of Masturbation for men

Undesirable consequences of Masturbation:

  • genital injuries;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • a decline in the value of the sperm;
  • the hormonal imbalance.

A man accustomed to self-gratification, have difficulty achieving erections when you contact the sexual act and more often faced with the problem of dissatisfaction of the partner.

Masturbate correctly

Someone will seem ridiculous that such a simple action has its own rules and peculiarities.

But to preserve the potency is really necessary to follow the recommendations:

  1. Duration. The process of self-satisfaction lasts shorter than a standard sexual act, while men tend more strongly to speed it up. As a result, the problem of premature ejaculation. It is necessary to control the duration of Masturbation, bringing it at least up to 2-3 minutes.
  2. To use the methods of psychogenic arousal. It is necessary to maintain neural connections, stimulating the erection. For this purpose, erotic pictures, movies, aromas, own imagination and then physical touch.
  3. Frequency. Masturbation is the process enjoyable, but do not abuse them, even if he is perceived as a method of treatment prescribed by the doctor to run 1-2 times a week. Increasing the frequency leads to overdoses and side effects.
  4. Naturalness. More natural than imitation, the less problems occur during contact intercourse. Smooth operation, the use of lubricants or special toys (artificial vagina) less distorted experience.

Thus, the proper approach Masturbation is a good way to prevent and relieve tenderness of the testicles. The following simple rules will minimize negative consequences.


the prevention of pain

Physiological pain in the scrotum to pass with the establishment of stable sexual relations with a regular partner. Thus, the main way of prevention is regular sexual intercourse. Ideally, if every erection ends in intimate contact, and ejaculation. In the beginning sexual acts, as a rule, occur frequently, then their number gradually approaching the normal 1 to 3 times a week.

Prevention includes:

  • protection from infection by bacterial or viral infection, use of barrier methods of contraception;
  • timely ejaculation;
  • should hygiene;
  • avoiding temperature changes in the genitals;
  • the regular supervision of a urologist.

Pain in the scrotum are not dangerous if they are caused by a strong over excitation, prolonged lack of sex, unfinished and interrupted intercourse, not accompanied by other diseases.

Long-term preservation of, or the frequent repetition of pain requires consultation with a urologist.