Exercises to improve potency in men at home

According to medical studies, erectile dysfunction affects up to 150 million men on our planet. In most cases, causes permanent or recurrent inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection are the various somatic diseases, traumas of pelvic surgery, medication.

exercises for potency

Some causes are irreversible, and in most cases, restore sexual power, you can use of exercises specifically designed for prostate and potency. Daily the complex is 40 minutes, after a couple of weeks to be noticeable positive changes.

Physical exercises to raise potency

Even small problems with a potency could have a big impact on the male psyche and self-esteem. Modern medicine offers expensive hardware and medical treatment of erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, many problems in the intimate sphere can be avoided by following a simple set of physical exercises at home.

Without going to the gym for two months of regular training, often eliminated the symptoms:

  • The lack of spontaneous and morning erections;
  • Wanton decreased interest in sex;
  • The flaccidity of the penis, weakened erection during intercourse.

Exercise the "muscle of love"

The most effective exercises that can restore erectile function, aimed at training the pubic-coccygeal muscles. It stretches from the pubic bone to the sacrum and involved in the process of rhythmic contractions during orgasm.

Regular exercise for the PC muscles helps:

  • Activation of blood flow in the region of the male genital organs, which provides a powerful erection with a large angle of inclination of an excited of the penis;
  • The appearance of more vivid sensations during lovemaking. The vast majority of men practicing pumping the PC muscle, noted the emergence of more intense and long orgasms;
  • Positive changes in the hormonal background. Normalization of blood circulation in organs of small pelvis contributes to the harmony of the testicles. As a bonus, improves the production of important male hormone testosterone involved in sperm production, the construction of the body of a man controlling his mood;
  • Control ejaculation. Systematic training of the muscles and having special techniques allow to achieve prolongation of sexual intercourse and receiving a multiple orgasm;
  • Remedium to prevent and many diseases of the internal organs located in the pelvic area. Poor blood flow is one of the most frequent causes of prostatitis, adenoma and hemorrhoids, inflammatory diseases of the urethra and other disorders. Systematic practice in the exercising of the PC muscles, eliminate stagnation and promote healing.
exercise for potency

To find the PC muscle, do the following: during urination put your fingers on the skin between the anus and testicles, stop the flow for a short period of time. In this moment you will feel how tense we are interested in the muscle. It will be tense during the entire delay time.

Exercises for the muscles of love it is necessary to perform regular, repeating 2 – 3 times a day. Most of the exercises won't require special conditions. They can imperceptibly carry anywhere: in public transport, sitting at a computer, standing in line, lying on the couch.

  • One of the easiest ways to do this is to interrupt urination. Every time you came there in the toilet, you have to stop the stream and hold for 15-20 seconds. Only two interrupts during a single emptying of the bladder.

Mastering this exercise is important because it will prepare you for more serious training. If the person is unable in the middle of urination to hold urine stream, and then continue the process, this indicates a very weak development so important for men muscles;

Important! In the beginning, practice stopping the urination may appear insignificant painful sensations. This version of the rules. If after two weeks of daily practice the pain persists, you must consult a urologist for advice.
  • Once you have mastered the previous exercise, you will be able to feel and stretch the PC muscle regardless of the needs to urinate. Now you can go to direct its training. This exercise was developed by doctor Arnold Kegel, and nowadays it is known as "Kegel exercise".

Technique: assume a comfortable position (sitting, standing or lying down), with a maximum force of tension the PC muscle and then relax it. It is necessary to achieve an isolated voltage only desired muscle, the rest of the body relaxed. It is extremely important to pay attention to the force of contraction of the muscle – it needs to be higher.

Start the repetition of the cycles of contraction/relaxation of dozen times and gradually increase to 30. During the day, do three sets with roughly equal time interval between them;

  • This exercise focused on the development of muscle power. Performing contraction and relaxation, stay in each state for a few seconds. Start with 3: the held voltage with maximum force for three seconds, relax the muscle for three seconds. Repeat the cycle ten times. With each new approach prolong the time interval is 1 second. As in the previous exercise, it is very important the quality of the voltage, not the number of repetitions;
  • Exercise in speed, tension and relaxation "muscle of love". Continuing to focus on quality contractions, increase the speed of alternation of tension and relaxation the PC muscle. Enough to do 20 cycles up to three times a day;
  • Weightlifting for the PC muscle. To start this exercise only after mastering all previous.

Technique: erect penis put a light towel and start to bounce. The goal is to lift the towel as high as possible. As you strengthen the muscles, increase the weight of the towels, for example, with partial or complete impregnation of the water. Enough to perform 10 jumps two or three times a day.

how to perform the exercises for potency

Recommendations for exercise

  1. When you exercise ensure the process was to involve only the PC muscle. Other muscles should be relaxed;
  2. Subordinate cycles of strain and relaxation, certain breathing rhythm. Most often in practice, the voltage is combined with breath and relaxation with the exhalation.
  3. During exercise, control the quality of the exercise. Remember that more important than the power voltage, not number of repetitions.
  4. Follow a workout regime. The positive effect will be noticeable if you hold them daily, at least morning and evening. After achieving the desired result, don't throw this valuable practice. It is possible to reduce the number of approaches during the day to one or to train through the day.

Exercises for erection

Physical exercises are a natural way to improve the potency. Safety and accessibility puts them in the category of tools suitable both healthy men and those who have apparent problems with erectile function.

For classes not required of going to the gym and special equipment. Just select a couple of dozen minutes in the morning and evening on a special set of exercises. Their action is directed for pumping the PC muscle and improve blood supply to the pelvic organs, so that the blood flow in the penile increases and is more persistent erection:

  • Stand in initial position (IP): feet shoulder width, hands on waist. Start to describe the pelvis circles first to the right side at least 10 times, then to the left the same number of circles;
  • Take the IP, as in the previous exercise. Do the steps in place as possible by raising the knee, trying to bring him closer to his chest. Do not lean forward and not flectere;
  • Take FE: feet shoulder width apart slightly bent at the knees, palms on the waist. The exercise should be naked. Take 8 alternate sharp movement of the pelvis forward and backward, achieving the sway of the genital organs. After a minute rest, do another approach. This exercise is recommended to be repeated up to 6 times a day to individuals undergoing surgery, and anyone who wants to enhance the potency;
  • The exercise is performed without clothing. You must squat in front of a mirror to visually monitor their actions. Quickly inhale at the same time plunging the stomach, buttocks, and pulling the scrotum up. Then exhale, relax the muscles. Repeat at least 6 times;
  • Take the PI: lie on a flat hard surface, extend hands, legs bend at the knees and press your feet into the floor. Lift your pelvis so that your thighs and torso are lined up in a straight line. Control the breathing: on the inhale lift your pelvis, exhale lower to the floor. Repeat the exercise at least 15 times;
  • Take a PI, similar to the previous one. Make rotational motion foot, simulating the pedaling of a Bicycle. It is advisable to do at least 20 repetitions, gradually increasing the load;
  • Take Yip, sitting on the gymnastics Mat. Bend legs in knee joints, palms, place on top of the knees, the muscles of the body relax. Make a sharp intake of breath and, by submitting your left shoulder forward, to completely straighten the left leg, tearing the thigh from the floor. Then easily exhale, straighten your body and return leg to original position. On the next inhale the right shoulder moves forward, right buttock off the floor, the right leg straightens. Take 10 rectifications' each leg. Relax a moment, repeat several times;
  • Be with your feet slightly wider than shoulders, turning the feet outward. Clench and slowly sit down without lifting your heels off the floor. Sink should be as low as possible, to stay in bottom position for 3 seconds, then slowly straighten up.. to do 15 – 20 repetitions. This exercise has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland, eliminates congestion in the lower body, boosts testosterone, increases the potency and overall has a positive impact on the health of men;
  • Take the PI lying on the floor. Brush interlock in the lock and put it under his head. Relax, take a slow breath and on the exhale lift your right leg up at a 90 degree angle. Make four circles with foot clockwise and then counterclockwise. Ensure throughout the exercise, leg straight, do not overly deviate from the course of movement;
  • Take IP: lying on back, legs bent at the knees, the feet drawn to the buttocks, palms lie on his shoulders. Take a deep breath and on the exhale, give unto your hands the pressure on the knees with the aim to breed them in hand. The legs should resist. Once you reach the lowest point, and inhale again and exhale to bring your feet together, this movement providing resistance with your hands;
  • Stand up straight, hands pull along the torso, legs slightly wider than shoulders. Inhale, on the exhale lean forward, trying to reach it with your hands to the floor. Then straighten up. At first, enough to make 15-20 of slopes. After a week of training, you can add a daily, one to tilt, bringing the number up to 50-60.
effective exercises for potency

Exercise of prostatitis from Dr. Popov

Doctor –restitutio P. Popov recommends is a good exercise for the elimination of prostatitis:

  • It should comfortably sit on chair and place hands on the abdomen, over Lonny fusion. One hand squeeze into a fist and the other hand to put on top, embracing her tightly. To make a short sharp intake of breath, while pushing his hands clenched into fists on the abdomen, quickly exhale through the mouth, ceasing the pressure. When pressed on the belly, it needs to move up a bit and after expiration it should be feeling the heat. This exercise increases blood circulation in the prostate. The positive result will appear in a very short time.

Complex to improve the potency from norbekova

A well-known figure of alternative medicine M. S. Norbekov. offers men take advantage of such exercises for strengthening male potency:

  1. On a hard and flat surface to lie down on your back and contract the muscles of the anus. Each reduction shall be performed with maximum effort and take a few seconds. The number of cuts – not less than fifty. Repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times a day;
  2. To kneel, elbows to rest on the floor, head lowered, body slightly relax. To reduce the muscles of the anus in the same way as in the previous exercise. Performing the exercises should aim to gradually increase the speed of arbitrary cuts. It is necessary to achieve one cycle of contraction and relaxation within one second. For convenience it is proposed to use a "one-two";
  3. To correctly perform this exercise, we need to know exactly which muscles require a workout. To find out, it is necessary to interrupt urination and to pay attention to what muscles were involved in this. Everyday you need to contract and relax approximately 40 times the specified group of muscles, making up to five approaches during the day. After five days recommended break for two days;
  4. This exercise will require the inclusion of the imagination. It is necessary to imagine a small – sized egg – energy ball, bearing heat and mentally move it to the bladder, the urethra, anus and tailbone. Within 15 seconds the "ball" should be warm and warm up specified region, then it should be replaced by a cool ball and 15 seconds to keep them cool. Such a temperature change it is necessary to repeat about 10 times;
  5. Massage of the perineum. Two palms at the same time gently squeeze the balls to the small of pain. Repeat 20 to 50 times depending on age – the older a man is, the greater the number of massage movements.