Natural and anomalous selection in men when sexually stimulated

To continue the human race plays a huge role in the ability of man to pass on his seed to the woman. Therefore it is very important care about their health and virility. Indicators of the state of the genitals are discharge from the penis. They are like alarm bells indicate normal internal process or pathology. Particularly noteworthy are the separation of men when excited. At this point of the penis there is a small amount of liquid. Its density, volume, shade and the presence of smell indicate the condition of the reproductive organs of men.

arousal in men

The appearance of a natural secret

For successful reproduction, it is important that during arousal, the male organ was allocated to a special liquid. It helps to promote sperm to the female cell for fertilization. As soon as the sperm get into the vagina on their way there are many obstacles. First of all it is the medium of acid character in which most of the male cell dies. Just a secret, resulting in erection, reduces the acidity. Thus, male cells have a chance to survive and to achieve the main goal.

Usually male secret completely transparent color, with no odor and a small amount. Normal is the consistency of medium thickness.

The appearance of the secret is not only during sexual excitation, but in the morning, when the body is in a state of erection. In addition, fluid secretion appears with gentle caresses with his beloved woman. So the body to prepare for intimacy.

Depending on the degree of excitation, the slime is of different volume. With a strong sexual desire, separation occurs more. Besides, you should consider the personality of the male body. The amount allocated to the liquid can reach up to 5 mg. In some cases, a few drops or non-existent. Together with the liquid, a small quantity of sperm. It is important to consider those who are planning a pregnancy. Interrupted sexual process is not always a guarantee of success. Together with the release with excitement, men can be sperm, which sometimes reach their goal.

Useful advice.

If a young person concerned about heavy discharge during sexual desire, you should immediately contact the doctor. A thorough examination will help to identify the pathology at an early stage of development.

the rate of grease

Natural secret comes out of the member during sexual activity is, of course, cum. It consists of sperm cells and the natural mucus of the male organ. Is whitish and thick in nature. Out of the penis by discharge of the sexual act.

Indicators of secretions in the normal range

The volume of fluid that needs to stand out in the excited state of men, it is different. Many things affected physiology of the body. Everyone knows its as if regularly takes care of himself. But if there is a change in the quantity and character of mucus, it is important to consult a doctor. Promptly after ascertaining the cause, to really avoid problems. In most cases, such changes indicate pathology, although there are exceptions.

If the man long time no sex, discharge during erection significantly increased. Besides, they become more dense consistency than usual. Looks a bit muddier. It is important to not have the yellow tint and blood elements. The norm of the male secret in the excitation should meet the following characteristics:

  • clear watery color;
  • without the explicit odor;
  • the average thickness.

It is important to note that the similar male allocation is affected by lifestyle and physical illness. If the gentleman has long refrained from intimacy with a woman, it will definitely affect the allocation. Harmful habits and characteristics of nutrition are also risk factors. Constant stress and emotional breakdowns lead to impaired immunity and weakness in the body.

Sometimes the allocation of the member under strong excitation leads to defecation. With the physiological side is the norm. But the situation should not be frequent.

It is important to know.

A secret that comes out of the penis, is composed of spermatozoa. If they are poor or a man suffering from inflammation of the prostate gland secreted fluid varies in color. While its smell and texture should correspond to the norm.

change the secret for men

A natural reaction to the failure to intimate hygiene is the appearance of smegma'. This particular kind of selection occurs in skin folds near the head of the penis men. Usually smegma leads to inflammatory processes or infections.

In adolescence when puberty boys have nocturnal emissions. In the result of erotic dreams is a strong arousal. This leads to erections, after which there is an arbitrary ejaculation. Wet dreams for men is a physiological norm.

Change secret as a signal of disease

Sadly, men are not immune from sexual diseases. And since the body was created amazingly, the secret datum can determine the development of infection. Some illnesses are identified on this basis. Therefore, men should carefully observe the changing nature of my sexual secret.

Unnatural selection during erection often indicate these changes:

  • inflammation of the urinary tract, which is caused by multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • infections transmitted through intimate relationship;
  • malignancy;
  • postoperative problems;
  • injuries of the urinary organs.

Depending on the severity of the disease, the selection of the member is large or meager in volume. In addition, in the transparent liquid from the orifice on the glans penis gets pus or blood elements. When this occurs, the change in color and density.

Colorless viscous secret, which occurs in young people when sexual excitement, often signals the presence of pathological infection. In serious complications, it appears pus, which is assembled on the head member and glues the foreskin.

Different infection are manifested not only in the change of men's secret. They are accompanied by sensations of itching of the penis and swelling. Cause of changes is the following pathology:

  • prostatae;
  • balanoposthitis;
  • hematuria;
  • degeneracy urethritis.

If a man notices from the obvious fluid changes that occur when excited, he should immediately consult the doctor. It is important to identify the disease at an early stage of development, to avoid complications.

a reason to be treated

Bright danger signal is usually a secret with sexually transmitted diseases. If the selection is starting to look like slime – it consists of many white blood cells. The appearance of pus indicates the development of trichomoniasis, or Ureaplasma. Thick and sticky the secret greenish color that smells bad, is evidence of gonorrhea.

In order to respond to the emergence of infection, men are encouraged to regularly monitor their emissions. This also applies to the quiescent state of the penis, and during sexual arousal. Regular visits to the urologist for maintenance inspection, is a reliable protection of his masculine power.