What stands out in men with arousal (erection)?

The emergence of biological secret during the excitation can occur only in women but also in men. This is a normal physiological process, not requiring a trip to the doctor. But not always, the presence of precipitates of the member can talk about sexual attraction towards the lady. Men, like women, are prone to diseases of the reproductive system, symptoms of which may be a profuse discharge of viscous fluid from the penis. Which selection are considered normal, and in some cases, it is important to see a doctor soon?

arousal men

Allocation is the norm

A healthy selection in men should not be accompanied by discomfort and a disgusting smell. The emergence of fluid from the penis during sex is normal. Clear discharge in men during sexual arousal is called pre-ejaculate. Education pre-ejaculate noticeable not only before sexual intercourse, but also after it. What is the significance of the allocated secret?

Discharge is the arousal in men soften a sexual relationship with a partner, thereby reducing the risk of mechanical injury to the organs of the reproductive system. In addition, after ejaculation transparent mucus no smell from penis helps men to get sperms to the female's ovum, resulting in a successful conception of a child.

The composition of pre-ejaculate

pre-ejaculate is a mucus clear color without pungent smell. Part predomina fluid includes alkali and biologically active agents (enzymes). It praesumere due to its alkaline composition neutralizes the acidic environment of the vagina, thereby helping the further conception of the fetus.

Is it possible to get pregnant from predomina liquid?

A huge number of sexual partners, not planning pregnancy in the near future, do not use items of contraception, and the practice of coitus interruptus. Unfortunately, this kind of protection from conception is considered ineffective, and there are a number of reasons:

  1. With early ejaculation or low sensitivity partner to ejaculation able to interrupt the sexual act at the right time reduced to a minimum.
  2. If the man in the canal of the urethra remained sperm from last sexual relationship, we can say that the biological material will come out through the urethra with pre-ejaculate.
  3. At high sexual excitement, some men are not able to control the sexual act.

selection for men when excited

Therefore, discharge when excited, men can also lead to pregnancy, and to avoid unwanted conception, you should use the funds or items of contraception (condoms, oral contraceptives, intrauterine ring, etc.).

In what cases should go to the doctor?

Lubrication of the penis in men may be not only the norm, but a symptom of the disease. Only the timely advice of the doctor and timely treatment will be able to accelerate the healing process without complications.

Signs of diseases of the genitourinary system:

  • unpleasant sensations in the urethra in the form of hard-bearable burning and itching;
  • change the consistency of liquid emitted upon excitation (watery or too thick);
  • the increase in the quantity of discharge;
  • of the penis stands out the grease with the repulsive odor;
  • change the color of mucus (from the cheesy white to green);
  • in mucus secretion, there are clots of blood and pus;
  • hyperemia of the skin of the penis;
  • the appearance of lesions on the glans penis in men with no emissions;
  • the increase in body temperature, malaise;
  • retention of urine or excessive urination.

These pathological changes in the male body can occur when STIs, inflammatory processes of the reproductive system, infectious diseases of the urinary system. To find out the exact cause of painful discharge, you should consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Change the color of the discharge indicates serious infectious diseases that can be transmitted sexually. The allocation of grayish and greenish hue are not always reported by venereal disease. Such a symptom may accompany inflammatory processes in the body accompanied by fever.

white discharge

Curdled white discharge consistency say about joining a fungal infection of the genus Candida. Typically, the fungus is transmitted from woman to man. In this case, the treatment is exposed to both the partner and his partner.

The red color of the discharge indicates inflammatory disease of the genitourinary system (cystitis, prostatitis).

Yellow discharge have reported the presence of STDs, but not always, this indication is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. The resilient member is released when such diseases as syphilis and gonorrhea.

Not just selection may be the reason for the visit to the specialist, but their complete absence. In some cases, the absence or insufficient number of allocated secretion indicates the presence of an inflammatory process. In addition, you should know that in men of advanced age selection predomina liquid may not be at all and it is not pathology.

Possible treatment methods

The treatment is prescribed by a doctor after receiving the results of laboratory diagnosis. In no case should not self-medicate, as this can harm your health and worsen the course of concomitant disease.

Abnormal discharge, depending on the causative agent of disease, are treated differently. Selection caused by bacterial infection, are eliminated by the use of antibacterial drugs and immune-stimulating drugs. If in the body there is inflammation, eliminating the inflammation, after which unpleasant discharge disappear by self.

diseases of the reproductive system

It should be remembered that the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system are subjected to both a man and a woman. The only way to get rid of the cause of pathology and to reduce the risk of re-infection.

Men should pay special attention to any changes in your body, because time identified the disease leads to rapid recovery. To avoid infectious diseases transmitted during sexual intimacy, you need to use objects of contraception (condom). Since the condition of the secretions depends on food intake, avoid fried, spicy and canned foods. You should also not forget about the rules of intimate hygiene.