Stimulants of potency for men: types, which one is better

Male power is an integral component of the welfare of any representative of the stronger sex. Moreover, both emotional physical. Maintaining potency — the problem is absolutely all men, regardless of age. But it happens that erection and also potency, for some reason weakened. However, not every representative of the stronger sex refers on this occasion to the doctor. Many people try to fix the problem yourself, using various stimulants of potency for men.

male potency

Problems with sexual desire, male power, erection, ejaculation can appear in any man. Representatives of the stronger sex, who are faced with such troubles ready to apply different tools, ways to more likely to normalize the condition. However, few people think about the causes of disease.

Often, problems in the intimate sphere as a result of psychological reasons. But it happens that a weak potency a result of the presence in the body serious problems. To be sure to understand this question, you need to contact the doctor. He will not only find the root cause of deviations, but also will tell you ways to get rid of the disorder.

Lowering of male potential irritandum:

  • the influence of environmental factors: poor environment, high levels of radiation, electromagnetic impact;
  • sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work;
  • stagnation in the pelvic organs;
  • injuries of the genital organs;
  • incorrect, unbalanced diet;
  • the lack of vitamins, microelements;
  • harmful habits: Smoking, abuse of alcohol;
  • stress;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • pathologies of the urogenital system;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • prostatitis;
  • adenoma of the prostate.

Sexual dysfunction can determinare also by failures of SSS, lack of sleep, conflicts at work, home, emotions.

Erectile dysfunction is accompanied by a decrease in sexual desire, arousal, decrease the duration of intercourse, premature ejaculation.

To normalize male power, important not to delay treatment to the doctor. He will pick up the necessary treatment and will tell how to receive the special stimulants of potency for men.

the types of stimulants

What is stimulator of potency is better: natural or synthetic

If you experience problems in sexual life it is preferable immediately consult a doctor. Only he will be able to identify the root cause to be the method of treatment, and even prescribe drugs to increase of male power.

Choosing between natural and synthetic compounds, be aware that natural remedies have many side effects. Do not forget about the undesirable interaction of synthetic drugs with other drugs and alcohol. Means of synthetic components are most effective for men over the age of 55-60 years, when sexual dysfunction is organic. In young men sexual dysfunction is often associated with psychological problems, so to solve the problem will help to more gentle products.

What about stimulants of potency for men, made from natural components, these products are absolutely safe. They have botanicals, possessing exciting, and stimulating properties. The reception of such funds is not associated with the probability of occurrence of side effects. They are unlike synthetic safe. To acquire such dietary Supplements possible, as well as medications-stimulants in any pharmacy.


By all means, encourage potential men are conventionally divided into two groups: stimulants potency for men are natural or natural and those that are composed of synthetic components. Each drug has its own advantages, disadvantages.


Means for normalization of sexual function, increasing libido, potency of natural origin, herbal remedies, various dietary Supplements and food products.


This medication (pills, ointments, gels), which are composed of chemical elements that contribute to an effective normalization of erectile dysfunction.

Each method of therapy aimed at addressing sexual dysfunction has both pluses minuses, can be used as part of a treatment, or independently.

Erection stimulant: natural, medication, pacemakers

Before you begin to take medication of chemistry to the normalization of sexual function, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get tested. First doctor suggest to apply the natural stimulants of erection. If this method prove ineffective, then prescribe a treatment of stronger medicines.

natural stimulant potency

Natural aphrodisiacs, right diet

A proper balanced diet is not only important for good reproductive system, but also for the smooth functioning of all organs and systems. Therefore, properly composed diet has a positive effect on male power and will be able to pre-empt the emergence of more serious problems, including impotence.

For normalization of potency, experts advise to eat more of these products are natural stimulators of erection:

  • Spices, spice, herbs, celery, nutmeg, fennel, onion, garlic, Basil.
  • Animal fats. Such products shall be not less than 35% of daily diet.
  • Oranges, figs, pomegranate, avocado. This natural erection stimulants, which were not inferior to medication.
  • Nuts: hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts.
  • Seafood: crab, lobster, shrimp, oysters, mussels.
  • Meat.

Proper nutrition is essential to good operation of the genitourinary system, strong erection, and potency. It is also important to reduce the consumption of harmful foods: smoked, pickled, fried, too fatty foods, convenience foods, fast food. In addition, should minimize the use of alcohol.

Stimulants potency of natural origin

Well help you resolve the problem of male impotence drugs, consisting of natural ingredients. It is either dietary Supplements or combined medications. These funds are endowed with minerals, amino acids, vitamins, has a most beneficial effect on the male body.

Vegetation compositions differ from medicines longer usage pattern. Stimulant similar an erection, you need to take one or two tablets per day. The duration of the therapeutic course — a month, at least. Patterns of use of the compositions may vary, it depends on the specific drug, its composition, properties. Each drug is attached resume, where indicated, in what dose, how many times a day you need to drink the medicine.

There are also tools that need to be taken once — before intimacy. Such compositions provide faster action.

Natural formulations contributing to the increase of men's potential is absolutely safe.

motherwort for potency

In addition to dietary Supplements are often men with problems in the intimate sphere suggest to use the following means of medicinal herbs:

  • Alcohol tincture of ginseng. It is sold in any drugstore. This formula helps in the normalization of the erection. You must use thirty drops dissolved in 200 ml of water, twice a day. The use of the drug should be within a month.
  • The infusion of Dubrovnik. 50 g finely chopped dried plants and steam it in boiling water half a liter. Tool to insist in the warmth for half an hour. To use suggest a quarter Cup filtered beverage after each meal.
  • Infusion of motherwort. 20 g of material is brewed in boiled water — 500 ml. Container with the composition separabis in the heat for seven hours. You need to drink 100 ml of the drug three times a day.


In addition to drugs for excitement, and still struggle with sexual frustration, often use stimulants based on physical impacts on the sex organs. In the Arsenal of modern medicine there are many such devices.


The use of poppers is assigned to increase sexual desire, men's potential, increase the duration of intercourse, orgasm, relaxation of smooth muscle.

The mechanism of action of drugs is to increase heart rate, increase blood supply to all organs, particularly the brain. To use such tools carefully. They should not be taken with PDE-5, cardiac medications, and nitrates. To get the result needed a couple of times to inhale the fumes. The effect is felt after approximately five minutes.

Drug stimulants

Medicines for the normalization of male power help in filling the cavernous with blood, and corpora cavernosa of the penis. Drugs of this group is used directly before intercourse. The effect may persist for several days. Before purchasing the medications you should consult with your doctor.

Before taking compounds, you should review the annotation. Make the agents of synthetic origin can be two to three times a week, not the bowl.

taking testosterone

Recommended when taking hormones

If the reception of natural or synthetic drugs does not bring results, doctors prescribe the use of hormonal medications based on testosterone. Such tools must be taken cautiously. Hormonal therapy is contraindicated in hypertrophy, and even prostate cancer.

The use of tools helps in maintaining the normal working of the reproductive system, normalizing the production of sperm, stimulating the functions of testosterone, and enhancing erections and increasing sexual desire.

Funds, as well as ways to stimulate the potency, there are many. Before you start to take drugs, in particular synthetic, preferably consult a doctor. It will help to identify the root cause of the sexual disorder and prescribe the right treatment.