Vitamins for men — select the complex to improve potency.

At a young age, a man rarely thinks about the problems with potency.

problems with potency

And it is in vain: according to statistics, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction occur in 30% of men older than 30 years. It is a natural process caused by age-related decrease in the level of the primary "male" hormone – testosterone.

To compensate for the adverse factors that reduce sexual activity, able to consumption sufficient vitamins required for normal activity of the reproductive system.

For this we have developed vitamins for men to improve potency. In one compact capsule contains a cocktail of vitamins, sufficient to cover the daily requirement in all elements responsible for the production of sex cells.

"Male" vitamins and their effects on the reproductive system

B1 (thiamine) is a potent stimulator of muscle activity, regulating the speed of metabolism.

The greatest need for this vitamin for men engaged in physical labor, and fans of regular sports.

The daily requirement in it for men is 1.5-2.5 mg.

The deficiency of thiamine in the body is fraught with General lethargy, muscle weakness, and dispersal of attention.

B3 (Niacin or nicotinic acid) is responsible for the stable operation of the circulatory system. Lack of nicotinic acid will result in memory loss, migraines, sleep disorders and loss of sexual desire.

An adult male needs daily 16-28 mg of this vitamin.

Especially important is the vitamin B6 for athletes taking steroids – in case of its deficiency blocks the production of the enzyme transaminase, which might lead to kidney stones.

B6 (pyridoxine) party is vital to the body's chemical processes. In particular, it stimulates the production of the most indispensable enzymes, including those from which testosterone is synthesized.

vitamins in food

Daily allowance of pyridoxine for men of reproductive age is 2.0 mg.

B9 (folic acid) without vitamin impossible the synthesis of norepinephrine and serotonin — the hormones responsible for the activity of the nervous and muscular systems.

Daily it is recommended to consume at least 200 mcg of vitamin B9.

C (ascorbic acid) – affects many vital processes, including the synthesis of dopamine – the hormone that regulates libido. Ascorbic acid provides the permeability of the capillaries, consequently, affects the quality of erection.

To be in good shape, a grown man need from 200 to 500 mg of the substance.

D (calciferol) – refers to a group of prohormones that increase the synthesis of testosterone. The results of deficiency include irritability, muscle weakness, sexual oppression.

The daily rate for men is 600 IU.

E (tocopherol) – affects the speed and quality of recovery of the outer shell tubules in the testicles. Its deficiency in the body is fraught with disorder of sexual function, therefore, this vitamin is one of the main "building blocks" on which to build a sexual activity.

Daily requirement is 10 mg.

Vitamins for men

There is a huge amount of vitamin complexes, pills, dietary Supplements and other drugs to restore erectile dysfunction. But even the vaunted complex for potency can not be a panacea, when men's strength is already at zero. To think about the preservation of sexual function after 30 years it is advisable to all without exception. It is always easier to make arrangements in advance than later to deal with the results of their own inaction.