What is the potency of men

The potency of men is not measured by any quantitative characteristics. The duration of sexual intercourse can not serve as the confirmation of health. Someone coitus lasts 3 minutes, for others you need at least an hour, but what is considered the norm is not clear.

Such manifestations depend on the Constitution and temperament of the men, as well as the characteristics of the body, but to use the indicator of the duration of sexual intercourse, as a quality assessment of potency can not.

potency in men

Fundamental factors which can confirm the existence of problems in the potency, are the following:

  • the presence of sexual excitation and attraction to the opposite sex;
  • the quality of erection.

During normal libido and sustained erection the man is able to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, and thus, its potency is all right.

When a man loses attraction for the opposite sex or an erection is not full, logged, deviations in the physiology and psychological condition of a person that lead to impotence.

Disorder in the sexual sphere, weak potency often become the cause of many complexes and affect self-esteem of men, qualitatively changing his life. Therefore, timely detection of problems and proper treatment of the disease will help to avoid serious health problems and family problems.

Signs of deviations in potency

Approaching erectile dysfunction can be traced to some manifestations. Often the first signs of erectile dysfunction include the following:

Unstable erection

Manifested in the form of cases of inability to complete intercourse with ejaculation or incomplete erection of the penis.

Such problems may disappear completely on their own without medical treatment and often men do not pay attention to such deviations, hoping that this is temporary.

The repetition of the erectile dysfunction men are resorting to the use of special drugs or folk remedies.

Ignoring the problem leads to negative consequences:

  • if you do not identify the true causes of disorders in the clinical setting, the disease starts to progress and the disease can lead to impotence;
  • the inefficiency of home therapy can lead to psychological problems and loss of libido;
  • self-medication, especially with the use of medicines leads to disruption of the functionality of the cardiovascular system and becomes the cause of more serious diseases.

To put off going to the doctor when it detects the first signs of erectile dysfunction, not. Especially it is important to be screened men after forty years, because at this age, the internal organs are more vulnerable to infection, and delayed therapy becomes the cause complete impotence.

unstable erection

The lack of an erection

Running the stage of of erectile dysfunction difficult to treat, but modern medicines in combination with physiotherapy can fully restore erection in 90% of cases of the disorder.

Causes of a complete lack of erectile function is more likely to be: trauma, disturbances in the nervous system, tissue and blood vessels of the penis, hormonal disruptions, advanced age of the patient and the effects of medication.

The lack of libido or decrease

This symptom is especially worrisome if it is found in young people, because with age, sexual desire is lost in a natural way.

Most often, these manifestations can be found as a side effect of other diseases and disorders in the male body. Often the patient believes that the reluctance to have sex is associated with high fatigue and stress conditions, so that he postpones the visit to the doctor, hoping to remedy the problem.

Violation of libido is divided into three stages: low libido, total loss of desire, aversion toward sexual intimacy.

Such disorders typically treats a neurologist or sexologist due to the fact that the reasons for the decline of attraction often lies in the mental disorder or the nervous system.

Premature ejaculation

This expression occurs at the beginning of sexual relations at very young people, but may be logged throughout a man's life.

Determining the cause of rapid ejaculation difficult to identify, modern medicine considers this deviation is the result of psychological or nervous disorders, so treatment of this disease is not fulfilled. The problem also arises due to urological diseases.

Therapy premature ejaculation specialists: a urologist, a sexologist and a neurologist.

Causes of disorders of potency

The decrease in erectile function often is not a separate disease. Usually negative manifestations occur as side effects of other diseases.

causes of disorders of potency

Potency disorders are classified by the source of origin of problems that are:

  • psychological;
  • physiological;
  • mixed.

Psychological problems are manifested as: stress, chronic fatigue, constant anxiety about failures in bed, sleep disorders, depression.

When psychological impotence is caused the usual morning erection, but during sex, the opportunity is lost.

For physiological reasons potency disorders include: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, surgery, hormonal disruptions, decreased immunity, urological diseases.

Physiological problems never occur suddenly. They develop over time, reducing erectile function gradually to achieve a full impotence.

To external or mixed causes of impotence include Smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, unbalanced diet, ecological problems in places of residence, excessive use of drugs and inadequate physical activity.

At risk are men who are predominantly sedentary work, workers in hazardous occupations and under adverse temperature extremes.

With age, the probability of reducing erectile function. Erection problems occur in 80% of cases due to physiological manifestations, and 20% have psychological abnormalities.

Impact on the potency of the disease

The main cause of erectile dysfunction are considered to be diseases of internal organs men. The defeat of the prostate gland is the main problem that causes impotence, both physiological and psychological level.

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord, which is usually called a varicocele, affecting the normal circulation of blood and also leads to impotence.


This process occurs due to violation of the outflow of venous blood, which leads to stagnation and problems with potency, but more often, varicocele causes infertility in men.

To disease of the pelvis that affect potency, include: hemorrhoids and inguinal hernia. Hemorrhoids causes pain in the perineum, which affects erectile function at the psychological level. As a result, the erection weakens or completely disappears.

The appearance of hernial SAC is reflected on the bowel and bladder, which causes erectile dysfunction.

Arterial hypertension is another disease that causes erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, hypertension is the usual companion of man, and medicines prescribed for pressure control, a negative effect on erections and lower libido.

How to improve the potency

To normalize a sexual relationship and deal with the problem of violation of potency, a man should follow a certain lifestyle:

  • you must give up Smoking and alcohol;
  • you need to constantly control their weight by adjusting diet;
  • to support physical activity, helps swimming;
  • to avoid stress, try it is easier to treat minor troubles;
  • at least once a year undergo a medical examination.

To maintain erectile function will help folk recipes:

  • washed dried peas in the amount of 100 grams is required to fill 1 l water and leave for 12 hours, then drink the infusion three times a day;
  • 100 grams of fennel berries, pour 500 ml of red wine, then the drink should settle within 20 days. Drink medicine before sleeping;
  • propolis and honey are mixed in equal proportions and drink before each meal.

The most effective way to improve potency is the use of drugs. In pharmacies you can buy tools for extension of sexual intercourse and strengthen erections, which are based on the active substance from the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase.

In severe cases it is recommended to make injections in the tissues of the penis, which is used as a synthetic prostaglandins.

Smoking cessation prevention

Prevention of deviations

To maintain erectile function is normal, male is recommended to take special medications and use exercises that promote effective circulation of blood in the pelvic area.

Often in problems with erection are disorders that relate to the field of psychology, in this case, the man should refer to relevant specialist. For the normalization of relations in the pair is recommended to be tested together with his wife.

Selection of specific means to improve male potency is best to trust the doctor-sexologist who will be able to pick up the medication, taking into account characteristics of the patient.

For the prevention of impotence, doctors recommend the following treatments:

  • a warm bath before bed and a cold shower in the morning. Water therapy enhances blood circulation, which positively affects potency;
  • visiting baths or saunas. A short stay in the steam room (up to 15 minutes) is a good way to disperse the blood. This variant of improvement of erection has limitations: doctors recommend the use of heat treatments more than two times a week;
  • cold compresses. Ice wrapped in soft tissue, stimulates circulation. Doctors recommend to apply this bandage on various parts of the body, including processed and scrotum. On each site can not be delayed more than one minute;
  • a balanced diet, rich in protein, also helps to restore potency and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. Particularly important is the presence in the diet: seafood, nuts, honey and raw pumpkin seeds.

To preventive measures of non-drug nature considers the methods of traditional therapy and support for weakened body. Especially useful herbal preparations after suffering a man myocardial infarction. In this case, to resort to drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction, is impossible.

For the prevention potency and enhance erection we recommend the following recipes of traditional therapy:

popular recipes
  • fresh carrot juice mixed with honey and drink on an empty stomach three times a day;
  • alcoholate on the garlic taken before going to sleep, allows you to get rid of the causes of erectile dysfunction;
  • a mixture of ground walnuts and honey in equal proportions, used during a meal. Warm milk helps to strengthen the effect;
  • fresh cabbage juice. Strong tool that is recommended for the treatment of various diseases, including able to increase potency;
  • tincture red wine. You need to take equal amount of Basil, walnut leaves and roots of horseradish, pour the cooked alcohol in a volume of 500 ml, and maintained for 24 hours. Then the drink is filtered and used three times a day before meals;
  • the powerful effect of receiving medicinal drink used directly before sexual intercourse. For its preparation you will need 300 ml of dry white wine, 50 ml of liquor, 200 ml of orange juice and contents of half a lemon. In addition, you need to take 20 grams of mint, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and 50 g of honey. All the ingredients are mixed and brought to the boil, then prophylactic cooled. You need to store it in the fridge.

The best prevention of male potency is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, regular physical activity and sexual relations with a regular partner. Fulfilling these conditions, the person retains erectile function in normal old age.