Safe drugs to increase potency in men

Almost every man sooner or later faces with a problem like erectile dysfunction.

According to medical statistics, after fifty years, every second man has problems with conduct a full sexual intercourse.

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Modern pharmacology offers a variety of tools for potency to improve the sexual life of men.

However, in such a variety of medicines can be confusing, so before buying it is useful to examine information about the main groups of medicinal products, principles of their impact on potency, contraindications and side effects.

What is the potency

The General concept of potency describes the ability of a person to perform some action. In medicine, the term is associated with sexual function of men, namely its ability to provide full sexual intercourse.

If a man has a flaccid erection, not able long to have sex, and libido is too low, then we talk about erectile dysfunction or impotence. Any means for potency, whether it be medication, SUPPLEMENTS or natural aphrodisiac designed to enhance sexual function of men, but to eliminate persistent violations required to be examined by a specialist.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Disorder of sexual function caused by different reasons which are divided into psychological problems and disorders of the physical health of the male body.

According to experts, about eighty percent of cases of erectile dysfunction have a physical disease, therefore any drug for potency may be used only as a Supplement to the primary therapy directed against the respective disease.

To the violation of potency give the following reasons:

  • pathology of the endocrine system (obesity, diabetes and other diseases);
  • different mental disorders;
  • urogenital diseases (prostatitis, prostate adenoma, urinary tract infection);
  • physical damage to the body;
  • taking certain medicines;
  • degenerative diseases of the brain, e.g., Parkinson's disease;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • the presence of harmful habits, leading to intoxication (Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption);
  • chronic stress;
  • the aging of the body.
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Means to increase potency in men: a review of drugs

In order to correctly choose the drug improves potency, it is necessary to identify the cause of the development and severity of pathology.

Drugs affect the male body in different ways, so they are combined into groups with similar principle.

Some drugs act directly on the penis, while others increase sexual desire and what is best suited to the man in a particular case, tell the attending physician.

The principle of action of drugs

Means to increase potency in men, unite in following groups:

  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase of the fifth type are the most popular medicines, as quickly and is guaranteed to provide full sexual intercourse. The effect of the drugs based on their ability to widen blood vessels and blood to fill the penis. Drugs do not affect sexual desire, but with appropriate external stimulation lead to a powerful and stable erection, prolonged intercourse and increase the sensitivity of the penis, which enhances sexual pleasure.
  • Alpha-blockers, selectively acting on certain receptors, contribute to the increase in blood flow to the pelvic organs and eliminate spasms of blood vessels. Thus, the corpora cavernosa penis are filled with blood freely. In addition to the beneficial effects on peripheral vessels, medications can enhance sexual desire.
  • Activators of NO-synthase act relaxing on the smooth muscles of the penis allowing unimpeded blood circulation in the body. The medicine increases libido, provides long-lasting sexual intercourse and, for continuous use stimulates the natural production of testosterone.
  • Testosterone in the composition of drugs administered in the case that the level of this hormone in the male body is significantly reduced. Testosterone itself has a positive effect on the sexual activity of men, so after its replenishment, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved without the use of stimulants.
  • Dietary supplements with botanicals that strengthen overall mens health. Natural remedies to increase potency in men, enhance libido, improve the quality of sex, eliminate the reasons for lack of erection, but only with a long reception of tablets.

In addition to the main groups of drugs, the potency can increase drugs that have a vasodilator effect. The positive effect on potency have natural adaptogens extracts of lemongrass, ginseng, Siberian ginseng.

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The most popular medications to improve sexual function men

Means to increase potency in men is produced in different forms — tablets, capsules, injections, creams and sprays. All medications have their own particular use, contraindications, side effects and duration of treatment. When choosing a drug should take into account the financial side of the question, as some medications are not cheap, and to achieve the desired effect may require a course of treatment, lasting for months.

Forums on the Internet there are names of different drugs that users find most effective. The most commonly reported medications based on sildenafil, tadalafil or Vardenafil..


Tablets are taken half an hour or an hour before the expected sexual intercourse. Duration of medication varies from 12 to 36 hours, depending on the active substances included in medication. Read more about the rules of taking the pills can be read in the instructions. Especially carefully read the list of restrictions for use and side effects of stimulants. Pills absolutely can not accept persons with serious disorders in cardiovascular system and suffer from hypertension.


Since the pill works on the entire body and often cause disturbance of health men, the drugs of the local destination favorably with safety. The active substances penetrate only to nearby tissue, but not in the blood system. Means to increase potency in men in the form of creams and gels are based on natural or synthetic components. The formulations are applied to the penis for fifteen, twenty minutes before sexual intercourse.


Sprays, like creams, are applied by coating the medicinal component on the genitals. They are safe from the point of view of systemic side effects, but can cause allergic reactions in the form of local irritation of skin and mucous membranes.

Herbal preparations

Plant extracts and dietary supplements containing herbal components, also frequently referred to in the list.

Feature of these drugs is their safety for the body, beneficial effect on the entire urogenital system, increase libido and improve the quality of sexual life men. Drugs require prolonged use, but unlike medications fast action, able to eliminate the main causes of disorders of sexual function and have a prolonged action.

popular recipes

The best remedy for potency folk recipes

Medication erectile dysfunction, can cause various side effects, so not all are suitable. Men who have health problems, as well as lovers treatment without pills, you can choose the best remedy for potency among the recipes of traditional medicine. You should remember that erectile dysfunction can be treated with folk remedies only at the initial stage of development of pathology, in other cases natural cures should be used only as a Supplement to the basic treatment.

The best remedy for potency can be found among medicinal plants, bee products, natural food products. Herbs are very popular nettle, St. John's wort, ginseng, bark of aspen. On sexual function have a beneficial effect garlic, pumpkin seeds, honey, propolis, nuts, dried fruit.

Numerous recipes to increase potency can be found on sites on the Internet, or herbalists. About the best means for potency from natural sources is often written by the visitors of the forums devoted to people's treatment. There are simple recipes from the available products or herbs, which can be no less effective than some medications.