How to increase potency in men. Effective ways

The ability to perform full sexual intimacy, which is characterized by the quick onset of erection and duration of the time interval of its preservation, shows the performance of the norms of sexual potency. Its imbalance can affect the male body in any age interval, which is associated with the influence of various negative phenomena.

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The instability of potency may wear a temporary manifestation appearing and disappearing on their own, or to have a stable form over a long interval. How to increase male potency natural ways? With this, you can try to improve their erectile performance, using the guidelines for restoration men's well-being.

How to increase the potency at home?

The main direction in solving the problem is to eliminate the causes of the unstable state of erection or her complete oppression. One way to increase potency is reviewing its attitude to bad habits. Nicotine and regular alcohol intake are the main factors of suppression of the natural synthesis of testosterone, the male hormone, the normal level of concentration is in the blood stream, helps to maintain a stable erection.

To begin to address the question: how to increase the potency of men, should adjustment of the General condition of the body, namely not to be subjected to excessive loads, not to take on a heavy volume of work, avoid prolonged intervals of sedentary work, which causes the formation of stagnation in the area of the male organs of reproduction.

Ways to increase potency in men

To determine how to effectively restore praesent imbalance, it is necessary initially to identify the factors causing the problem. These include not only the natural process of aging as most people think, but also psycho-emotional stress, frequent stress, fatigue, overestimation of weight indicators and other bodies.

To address the question: how to increase the potency are several areas of influence on the male body, normalizing the natural level of potency:

  • adjustment of the diet using the form of proper nutrition;
  • performance of special physical exercises;
  • medical preparations and treatments, namely, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

To choose the most effective method of recovery can only be a subject matter expert, identifying the main causes that provoke erectile dysfunction. In some cases, to correct the problem, use a combination of several areas of restoration actions. Most experts recommend against the background of the drugs of increasing potency to add physical activity and a balanced diet.

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The verge of the diet and control weight indicators

In case of violation of erectile function important is having the presence of extra pounds, as well as drastic changes in the weight category. In this case, a decrease in the synthesis of testosterone glands, thus there is a stable accumulation of adipose tissue in the retroperitoneal space.

On the background of excess weight is more often diagnosed increasing the concentration of cholesterol which causes thickening of the walls of the vasculature with the formation of plaques and the possibility of overlap of the lumen. As a result, the flow of blood through the vessels is slowed down, not go on time to the genitals and it does not form a stable erection.

What foods increase the potency?

For weight adjustment, the best option is to change the diet, promotes the normalization of metabolic processes, with breakdown of excess adipose tissue, these include:

  • peanuts, nuts, pistachios, their daily volume in the diet in sufficient quantity 100g;
  • citrus, figs, pomegranates;
  • all varieties of onions, it is noted that it effectively restores hormonal balance and activates libido;
  • products that increase potency: rye bread, mushrooms, nettles, pumpkin seeds;
  • dandelion and turnip;
  • cheese, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese;
  • meat, low-fat varieties of large and small livestock;
  • fish, namely flounder, mackerel;
  • mussels, clams, crabs and shrimp, are foods containing selenium and zinc are minerals that affect the activity sexual function and are products that increase the potency;
  • fat from allowed oils containing fatty acids of omega 3 and 6: peanut, linseed, olive, fish oil;
  • celery and parsley, spinach and cilantro;
  • honey in combination with nuts.

In small doses, and without regular intake has a stimulating effect on potency, and beverages containing alcohol, except for beer, which affects the activation of the synthesis of estrogen in the male body, and suppresses erectile function.


Tools that increase the potency

In medical practice there are a variety of drugs, contributing to the rapid increase of potency. Their reception convenient enough, and the effect is directly on the penis. The severity of adverse events from taking a minor and of habituation is not observed. But taking the medication may develop psychological dependence at the subconscious level, when there is impotence in the absence of a regular pill.

To drugs that increase the potency, include several groups preformed means:

  • on the basis of the lytta;
  • complex with yohimbine;
  • restorative action.

They increase the blood flow through the vasculature to the genitals, while relaxing smooth muscle tissue than contribute to the expansion of the cavernous structures, enhancing erectile capabilities.

How to increase the potency of folk remedies?

Recipes that have existed for decades and tested on several generations have proven efficacy, especially ingrediens their composition has only natural ingredients. The use of means of plant-based does not reveal the side effects and provides long-term and sustainable result.

Among such prescriptions are:

nuts and honey
  • water tincture of garlic, it cleanses vasculature, stimulates blood flow;
  • a mixture of walnut with honey, activates the synthesis of testosterone enhances erections and sexual desire;
  • tincture of ginseng on alcohol, increased stress, helps to restore normal erectile function.

The intake of herbal remedies is recommended to combine with proper diet, which must be balanced Foundation and variety, satisfying the required energy needs of the male body.